IJAAF WWII seatbelts

Published: March 6th, 2017     
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Product picture
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Paul Brown, IPMS# 24085
Scale: 1:72
Company: Eduard
Price: $14.95
Product / Stock #: 73048

Eduard continues its recent trend of providing realistic seat belts for a wide variety of aircraft. This set is advertised as providing seat belts for Imperial Japanese Army Air Force aircraft from World War II and boy does it!

The set provides two types of seat belts for Nakajima aircraft, one leather and the other cloth, and a different type for Kawaski aircraft. There enough sets to make 9 sets of Kawaski belts, 9 sets of leather Nakajima belts and 13 sets of cloth Nakajima belts! The belts are in full color and assembly is easy as all you have to do is glue the part representing the leather back pad behind the buckle on the left belt and then you are ready to install the belts.

The instructions clearly show how to install the belts, but it is really pretty self-evident when you look at the belts. The only thing that you need to do in advance is paint the kit seat(s). To install the belts, I superglued the ends that attach to the outside of the seat frame first and let the glue harden. I used a set of tweezers to hold the attachment points in place and used a blunt toothpick to maneuver the rest of the belt where I wanted it to go. Once the belts were lying where I want them to be I put a small drop of superglue under the ends and held them in place with my blunt toothpick until the glue set.

This set is truly a bargain, you get 31 sets of seat belts for about 50 cents a set and they will certainly dress up your cockpits. I hope they continue the trend and produce belts for other Japanese aircraft manufacturers from World War II.

Highly recommended!

Thank you to Eduard for the review sample and to IMPS-USA for letting me review it.

  • Instructions
  • Photo-etch fret
    Photo-etch fret
  • Close-up of photo-etch fret, showing detail of belts
    Close-up of photo-etch fret, showing detail of belts
  • Belts installed in kit seats
    Belts installed in kit seats
  • Additional photo of belts installed in kit seats
    Additional photo of belts installed in kit seats