Instrument Dial Decals for Early Soviet Jets

Published: June 6th, 2012     
Decal Packaging
Decal Packaging
Reviewed by: 
Roger Rasor, IPMS# 34117
Scale: 1/32
Company: Airscale Model Aircraft Enhancements
Price: $8.49
Product / Stock #: AS32 SJET

Airscale Model Aircraft Enhancements's line of cockpit details now includes a 1/32 scale set of decals that provides an assortment of instrument dials found in early Soviet jets (MiG-15, MiG-17, MiG-19, MiG-21, Su-7 and early Yaks).  These decals are remarkably detailed and provide a quick solution to adding much to those blank circles that are molded on many kit instrument panels.  The decals can be either placed behind the respective positions molded on clear kit instrument panel, over opaque molded instrument panels or placed inside the instrument openings found on some kits.  Application of a decal setting solution is recommended by the manufacturer.  Sixty-two individual dials are provided (2 each of 31 different ones) in this set for 1/32 scale models.   The instructions packaged with the decals provide a full description of each of the instruments on the sheet.  Also included is a small clear sheet of acetate that a modeler may punch out and place over the decal dial face.  Some builders may find it unnecessary to take this step if they are accustomed to adding a drop of Future over decal instrument faces...but, it's a nice thought to have the acetate provided...just in case.  The photo below clearly shows the quantity of dials provided and the print quality of each dial.  These decals are just what a model builder needs to bring life (and considerable detail) to the cockpit of an early Soviet jet.

This set is highly recommended to anyone wishing to add cockpit detail to any number of 1/32 scale early Soviet jets.  My thanks go to Airscale and to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this item.

  • Decals and instructions
    Decals and instructions

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