Intruder Airframe Stencils & Markings (High-Viz)

Published: December 5th, 2019     
Product Image
Reviewed by: Dave Morrissette - IPMS# 33653
Scale: 1/32
Company: AOA Decals
Price: $13.00
Product / Stock #: 32026
Product provided by: AOA Decals

Never one to rest on their laurels, AOA Decals has rereleased their 32002 stencil sheet for Hi-Viz A-6 Intruders in 1/32nd scale. Not only have they rereleased the sheet but they have also upgraded it to include: main and nose landing gear placards, walkway outline stripes, red engine intake warning markings, "A-6B" identifications, original style fuselage formation lights, radome latches (red & white), & tail hook stripes. And it gets a new number- 32026. This is also in addition to the following from the original sheet:

  • Full pylon stencils
  • Two styles of JET INTAKE - DANGER chevrons
  • Two styles of engine exhaust DANGER arrows
  • Three styles of crew RESCUE arrows
  • Two styles of optional DANGER triangles
  • Two styles of port and probe area warning circles
  • Two styles of Speed Brake Warnings
  • Three color options for stabilator trim indicator arrows
  • Both types, GRU-5 and GRU-7, ejection seats markings
  • Crew boarding ladder stencils
  • A-6E TRAM and KA-6D specific decals
  • Covers AN/ALE-18 and AN/ALE-29A chaff systems & AN/ALR-15, AN/APR-25, and AN/APR-45 receivers

So, let's look at what's in the package. First, the decal sheet is printed by Cartograf and registration is excellent with colorful markings for one plane. This set is vibrant as were the markings for the high visibility schemes. The set can also be used for A-6A, A-6B, A-6E, A-6E TRAM and KA-6D kits. Included are full color instructions showing the location and use for each stencil.

Also included are five sheets of full color instructions for adding the stencils to all areas of the kit including ejection seat, pylons, and top and bottom. Even the drop tanks. The instruction sheets are beautiful and contain helpful information. They are also very precise, legible, and with all the small decals this is a huge bonus along with their research comments.

In summary, a very well researched decal sheet printed by Cartograf which not only covers the airframe but also pylons, ejection seats, and more. It's perfect. Highly recommended and pretty much a requirement for anyone building Trumpeters kit in Hi-Viz markings.

My thanks to the excellent people at AOA Decals for the production of this set as well as allowing IPMS/USA and myself the opportunity to review it.

  • Decal Sheet
    Decal Sheet
  • Bottom Markings Placement
    Bottom Markings Placement
  • Left Side Stencil Placement
    Left Side Stencil Placement
  • Right Side Stencil Placement
    Right Side Stencil Placement
  • Seat Pylon Stencil Placement
    Seat Pylon Stencil Placement
  • Top Stencil Placement
    Top Stencil Placement

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