Kenworth K-100

Published: April 16th, 2017     
Product Image
Box Art
Reviewed by: Doug Cole - IPMS# 46605
Scale: 1/25
Company: Revell, Inc.
Price: $49.95
Product / Stock #: 85-2513
Product provided by: Revell, Inc.

This review covers the re-release of the Kenworth K-100 by Revel in 1:25 scale. There are 284 parts molded in White, Chrome, and Clear, with Vinyl tires, and waterslide decals. Fit and finish on this kit is very good for its age. Incidentally, this is the truck style used for Optimus Prime in the original cartoon version of Transformers. The good news: this is a well designed kit. The bad news: I don't see a current release date so they may be hard to find.

Construction and Detailing

This 2017 re-release #85-2513 has seen several box arts and versions (including the aerodyne's) over the years. It needs glue and paint, so it would be recommended for advanced modelers due to the high piece count. On the other hand, it doesn't have the usual poor cab fit issue. In fact, it assembles very well. The build is done in modules and is fairly simple with the full frame being assembled, then the motor and interior.

Beginning with the frame, it's a ladder type construction and after adding the cross-members to one side, the other side attaches to easily identified contact points and makes for a sturdy base. Just assemble it on a flat surface and let it dry for a straight frame. Adding the air bags and springs is straight-forward too.

The motor appears to be a Cummins twin turbo unit, but it just seemed to look right in Cat Yellow so that's what I used, although the callout indicates light gray. It all fits properly and has chrome plated turbo chargers as accent parts.

The rear suspension assembles easily and there aren't any surprises there. I painted the shocks gray for some contrast to give the frame a little pop. The rear wheels and tires go together as usual. Just remember to glue just the hub to the axle. Assemble the rim front to the rim rear. Once set and cured, slide the tire onto the rim. The hub inserts and center rings are Flat Black. Install a hub into a rim rear. Slide a tire onto the rim. Add the center ring. Slide a tire onto the outer rim and attach that to the center ring. Insert the hub insert with glue into the hub and the other end into the rear axle. The wire wheel insert is optional if you want to add that or not. Add the tanks to provide a rolling chassis.

The interior panels are easily detailed due to being separate and some complimentary color there makes the model standout. It even has a TV for the cab!

You can add the headlight panels and visor to start the bodywork. There is also an "undocumented" spoiler that can be added if desired. Leave off the doors and the roof for now to finish off the body. Just tape them into place and fix any blemishes, then prime and paint the body. This kit only comes with blue decals so you either have to pick a complimentary color or forgo the markings.

You finish off the interior panels at this time, then install them, followed by the tub into the cab. All of the external parts and the flaps are placed now. All of these pieces fit well and are easily located although the placement is not always easily discerned from the instructions. To assemble the stacks, the vent stack needs one inch cut off the top. Paint the stack mounts your frame color as well as the vent stack and tank. Assemble the stacks with the mounts and braces and install it on the frame.

The windows are installed from the outside and I think this is one of the first kit designs with that feature. After you install the dash and interior panels, shifter and doors into place about all that's left are the external chrome parts and fifth wheel.


It's great to have the big rig kits back on the market! This one is molded and fits together well. The frame was straight and true and flash is minimal. Details are still crisp and clean on most of the model. The big plus for this kit was that it lacked the usual problems in fitting the cab onto the chassis. It slides right into place! Revell did a great job repackaging this kit and I'm sure you will like how it builds up.

I have to thank IPMS for letting me share this review too.

  • Parts for the cab of the truck, incuding a spoiler not listed in the instructions
    Parts for the cab of the truck, incuding a spoiler not listed in the instructions
  • Motor painted in CAT yellow
    Motor painted in CAT yellow
  • Exhaust manifolds and stacks
    Exhaust manifolds and stacks
  • Truck frame and side rails, with drive line and differentials
    Truck frame and side rails, with drive line and differentials
  • Exhaust stacks
    Exhaust stacks
  • Close-up of front suspension and front wheels
    Close-up of front suspension and front wheels
  • Dashboard instrument panel
    Dashboard instrument panel
  • Interior parts, incuding TV set
    Interior parts, incuding TV set
  • Interior under construction
    Interior under construction
  • Rear wheels
    Rear wheels
  • Cab decals being applied
    Cab decals being applied
  • Left-side cab door open
    Left-side cab door open
  • Finished truck, front
    Finished truck, front
  • Rear of completed kit
    Rear of completed kit
  • Completed truck, left side
    Completed truck, left side
  • Finished kit, from right-front, above
    Finished kit, from right-front, above
  • Completed truck, right-rear
    Completed truck, right-rear

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