Ki-61 Part 1

Published: March 14th, 2017     
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Dave Morrissette, IPMS# 33653
Scale: 1/48
Company: Lifelike Decals
Price: $13.10
Product / Stock #: 48050

Lifelike Decals out of Japan has issued a new sheet for the Ki-61 which states it's for the Hasegawa kit. This also coincides with the release of Tamiya's new Ki-61 kit also. Looking in the package, there are three color sheets. Once with the overall schemes, one with detailed information about the four included schemes and one for stencil placement. The decal sheet is very well printed and contains markings for two planes except for the wing walks. Also included is a small insert sheet to complete one of the planes. Decals are printed by Microscale.

The markings included represent the following planes:

  • Marking No. 1 is flown by 2nd Lt Takeo Adachi of the 55th Sentai in January 1945. Overall finish is aluminum and a nice tail markings and with kill markings on the fuselage
  • Marking No. 2 is also a Type 1 Hein flown by Sgt. Shuichi Kaihou of the 39th Fighter Training Kikotai in March 1945. This aircraft is mottled green over the natural aluminum finish.
  • Marking No. 3 is a dark green Hein Type 1 flown by 2nd LT Tomiho Tohda of the 55th Sentai in Feb 1945. This aircraft features four kill markings on the mid fuselage. The green upper surface and natural metal undersurfaces makes for a dramatic aircraft.
  • Marking No. 4 is a Type 1 Hein of the 18th Sentai in early 1945 flown by 2nd Lt. Takeshi Nakamura. This overall natural metal machine features a blue B-29 kill marking on the mid fuselage.

One great thing about Lifelike is their research. When they have confirmed facts, they state it. When there is doubt, they say that too. They provide the argument for the selection of the markings, but they allow the modeler to decide how they want to do the markings.

So far, awesome but let's build the new Tamiya kit and add them to it! Not sure it's the right version for all four markings but I don't care; its Tamiya plastic and fun. I'll skip the build except to say that the kit is a dream. No putty, etc. I want more of them.

Applying the decals was simple using the Microscale system. They settled perfectly with minimal encouragement and only a little Microset was used to get settling in the wing roots. I let them dry overnight and gloss coated and finished per my usual process.

So, easy to apply and well printed as well as superbly researched and including four excellent markings. Go buy these now- you won't regret it. Highly recommended.

My thanks to Keishiro Nagao and Lifelike for the opportunity to review these wonderful decals.

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