Liquid Gravity

Published: December 11th, 2013     
Liquid Gravity
Liquid Gravity
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Pablo Bauleo, IPMS# 46363
Company: Deluxe Materials
Price: $15.00
Product / Stock #: BD 38

Deluxe Materials is a company I was not familiar with.  Deluxe Materials is based out of the Great Britain and it certainly provides with quality supplies to the hobbyists in Great Britain and beyond.

Liquid Gravity is a weighting system that can be used for different applications, from preventing a model airplane being a tail sitter, to balancing an RC airplane or even to providing weight to the rolling stock of your railroad layout.

I am not sure what metal is used for the tiny little "BBs", but it is not magnetic and after a few measurements I came up with a density of about 4.15 gr/cm3 (lead has a density of 11.3 gr/cm3 for comparison). Despite the lower density, "Liquid Gravity" it has a great advantage: it is nontoxic.

The size of each BB is less than 1-mm in diameter, so they are very small and can fill-in any crook and cranny in your model. At the same time, because they are so small, you have to be sure the volume to be filled has no small orifices for them to get out and end up scattered all over your workbench!

You can see short video describing different applications for "Liquid Gravity" at

Given that I was not familiar with this company and it is based out of the UK, I thought of linking to their distributors in the US:

Liquid Gravity is highly recommended to modelers of all skill levels. I would like to thank Deluxe Materials and IPMS/USA for the review sample. 

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    Liquid Gravity