Martin Baker MB Mk4 Ejection Seat

Published: July 6th, 2014     
Product Image
Reviewed by: Steve Collins - IPMS# 33811
Scale: 1/72
Company: PJ Production
Price: $4.25
Product / Stock #: 721208
Product provided by: PJ Production

PJ Production from Belgium makes resin aftermarket accessories for aircraft, as well as some very nice resin aircraft kits. Among their many products is a series of ejection seats to replace the usually plain kit-provided examples.

This particular seat is a Martin Baker Mark 4 seat. The listing isn't more specific than that, but says it is to be used in Lightnings, Alpha Jets, Canberras, Hunters, and Vampires.

Now, I'm not entirely up on the Mk 4, but I know that most of those jets used different versions of the Mk 4, along with seats other than the Mk 4, in various versions of the aircraft. For instance, the Lightning used Mk 4BSB, 4BSC, 4BST, etc., while the Canberra used the Mk 1C, 3CSB, 4Q, 4QS, and others in various versions of the aircraft. I'm pretty sure the differences in the different types of Mk 4 were visually minor, so that's acceptable to me.

The package comes with two seats and two sets of face curtain handles finely cast in a yellowish-tan resin. I found no bubbles or signs of miscasting. The seat itself comes with seatbelts already on and they look complete. The detail is sharp and will paint up well. As you can see in the accompanying pictures, I've given the seats a dark wash to help the detail stand out. It's relatively difficult to find dimensional data on ejection seats, so it's hard to say if the seats are accurately sized, but they fit well in the Lightning, Canberra, and Hunter cockpits I set them in. I have also shown the seats next to a seat from a Lightning kit for comparison.

The sets provide two good quality seats for a small amount of money and will enhance the cockpit of any aircraft model they're put in. These seats are definitely recommended.

Thanks go to PJ Production for providing the sample and to IPMS/USA for allowing me to review it.

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