Masks for the Hobby Boss F-5E

Published: April 28th, 2013     
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Phil Pignataro, IPMS# 17254
Scale: 1/72
Company: Eduard
Price: $6.95
Product / Stock #: CX339

Eduard has been producing model-specific masks for a while now, but this is only the second set I've used. This one is a die-cut set specifically designed for the HobbyBoss F-5E kit and contains masks for the canopy, windscreen, main wheels, and nose wheel. In the package is a single page of instructions and a small square (about 1.5 inches) of masks on Kabuki type tape. You have to look closely at the yellow square since the laser cut lines are delicately inscribed.

Be careful when removing the masks from their backing as they are pretty thin. I raised an edge with the point of a scriber and then lifted the piece with tweezers. Also you need care in placing the mask on the piece - get an edge in place and hold it with a finger; take the tweezers away, and smooth on the rest of the mask. I had to do some final tweaking with a toothpick to get the masks properly situated. The instruction sheet calls for the use of liquid mask for the centers of the canopy and windscreen. I didn't go that route, but rather cut up the rest of the unused tape on the original sheet to fill in the gaps. After painting the pieces, I removed the masks which came off easily. I had crisp edges and no residue on the taped areas.

I really like using these Eduard masks. They speed the process of painting the frames while protecting the clear areas. Though this particular model has simple canopy frames, masks are definitely time-savers on WW II type aircraft which typically had more canopy frames than modern fighters. This is a great product which I'd recommend to all modelers. Thanks to Eduard for supplying the product for review.

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