Metal Landing Gear

Published: March 6th, 2017     
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Rod Lees, IPMS# 10821
Scale: 1/144
Company: Scale Aircraft Conversions
Price: $15.95
Product / Stock #: 14423

Thanks to Ross at SAC for sending us improved metal landing gear for the massive Boeing 777, and thanks also to IPMS USA leadership for sending it to me....

This is 'du rigeur' SAC white metal upgrade to the basic kit plastic! The set consists of 9 parts: Two main struts, two strut retraction cylinders, the nose gear, retraction arm, and a drag brace, and two centering and leveling cylinder assemblies for the main trucks.

The landing gear on the 777 is a monster in real life; it has six wheel/tire assemblies on each wing, and is quite a piece of kit for supporting this highly-successful airliner and cargo hauler. On the kit, it makes sense to have similar strength. For 1/144 scale, it's a big model. Zvezda's plastic is pretty strong, but the SAC gear makes it better...

My recommendation is to attach the side retraction ram to the gear AFTER installation, as the space is very tight. Then, the main gear centering and leveling cylinders are glued to the bottom of the gear truck, and you are done on the wings. Simple!

The nose gear on the SAC item is mostly assembled for you; the kit has a complex set of three parts that make up the gear trunnion and strut, to which you attach the drag brace. SAC assembled the trunnion to the strut for you, making it that much stronger and easier to install. The Nose gear torque link is already attached, and All you attach is the drag/retraction brace and the shimmy dampers/steering arms, along with the taxi lights. Again, this is a simple and effective solution for this important area.

Seriously improved detail and stronger gear... The pictures say it all... another excellent product from SAC!

Again, I believe the SAC gear is mandatory for many kits like this, in particular the strength factor over time. Again, I give this an easy 10 rating again, thanks to Ross and SAC for filling this modeling niche and IPMS USA for the forum to review such items...

  • SAC Gear Assembled and Ready to Install
    SAC Gear Assembled and Ready to Install
  • SAC Main Gear in Place - Inboard
    SAC Main Gear in Place - Inboard
  • SAC Main Gear in Place - Outboard
    SAC Main Gear in Place - Outboard
  • SAC Nose Gear in Place
    SAC Nose Gear in Place