MHU-191 M Munition Transporter with Aero 58 Adapter

Published: December 15th, 2013     
Set Contents
Set Contents
Reviewed by: 
Rod Lees, IPMS# 10821
Scale: 1/32
Company: Aerobonus
Price: $15.00
Product / Stock #: 320 015

Thanks to Aires for catering to the AMS in all of us; we appreciate your support!

This will save a lot of scratchbuilding time for those who are into dioramas or weapons; the MHU-191 M munition transporter with aero 58 adapter  is used for transporting weapons; unfortunately I could not find what type of weapon is used with this adaptor; I did find this excerpt from a Naval ordinance  Manual:  "The Aero 58A skid adaptor holds a single weapon of up to 30.5 inches in diameter; it can be used wihtthe MHU-125/# platform skid and MHU-126/M munitions trailer". 

Bottom line:  it's Navy, use it accordingly!

An excellent diorama accessory in the Aerobonus range; pretty soon we'll have to build additions to our homes to handle the miniature flightlines and flight decks we are building! 

Thanks again to Aires/Aerobonus and to IPMS USA for this review item.

  • Transporter Details
    Transporter Details
  • Cart frame
    Cart frame
  • P.E. and adaptor
    P.E. and adaptor
  • Set contents
    Set contents
  • Wheels and details
    Wheels and details

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