Mi-24 Hind D/E Jak B-12.7 Machine Gun & DUAS Probe

Published: May 3rd, 2017     
Product Image
Product packaging
Reviewed by: Jarrod Booth - IPMS# 44739
Scale: 1/72
Company: Master Model
Price: $10.00
Product / Stock #: AM-72-110
Product provided by: Master Model

The Mil Mi Hind is an awesome and feared gunship/attack/transport helicopter. Its first flight was in September 1969 and introduced into service in 1972. It is still operating today.

Master Models is a Polish company that specializes in producing some of the finest turned brass and resin aftermarket parts I have seen!

This resin/brass set can be used on any 1/72 scale Hind D/E, but I have the Hasegawa kit to compare it to. While the gun and DUAS probe straight from the kit is very good, the detail on the Master Model set has to be seen to be believed! In this 1/72 scale, I needed a magnifier to fully appreciate the work that has gone into making these parts.

The complete package is compact in a zip lock bag and folded over label. Inside is a cardboard backing and two pouches: one containing the turned brass probe tubes and gun parts, and the other holding the resin DUAS probe and machine gun. The two resin parts are protected within a foam block, with sticky tape holding them in place.

The instruction sheet is small, but concise with clear directions and diagrams for "easy" assembly. In this small scale some dexterity will certainly be needed handling the tiny parts. I would suggest the wife takes the "Carpet Monster" for a walk while assembly takes place. Some of these parts will certainly disappear forever if they "plink" off your tweezers into the appreciative jaws of that irascible Carpet Creature!!!

The DUAS probe is assembled from two turned brass rods, and a resin part that fits between them. This in turn is attached to the kit base part on the canopy. A 0.4mm drill bit will be required for a mounting hole. A comparison can be seen to the kit part, and the finesse of the brass and resin replacement.

The resin machine gun contain four barrels, and a brass rod that slides through the middle. I ran a black wash over the kit gun to highlight the difference in detail. The instructions show where to cut the kit gun off and attach the Master Model barrels. Again a 0.4mm drill hole is required to mount the gun to the kit mount.

Super glue will be required throughout assembly of all these parts. Some very careful painting will be needed so the fine detail is not obscured.

I have used other sets from this company, and I can say without a doubt that Master Model has once again produced a superb product that really improves the final look of the models they fit. I would like to thank Master Models, and the IPMS for the privilege of reviewing this product.

  • Instruction sheet
    Instruction sheet
  • Contents of package
    Contents of package
  • Comparison with kit part
    Comparison with kit part
  • Comparison with kit part
    Comparison with kit part
  • Packaging
  • Packaging

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