MiG-21 Pitot Tubes – BIS, F-13, & U Models

Published: January 19th, 2013     
Parts Package
Parts Package
Reviewed by: Clarence Wentzel - IPMS# 1096
Scale: 1/72
Company: Master Model
Price: $7.00
Product / Stock #: AM-72-044
Product provided by: Master Model

Product / Stock #s:

  • AM-72-044 - MiG-21 BIS (Fishbed L/N) - $7.00
  • AM-72-045 - MiG-21 F-13 (Fishbed C) - $7.00
  • AM-72-047 - MiG-21 U, US, UM (Mongol) - $7.00

As I have mentioned previously, the MiG-21 is one of my favorite aircraft to model. Also, I have been impressed with the products from Master Model and jumped at the chance to review their latest pitot tubes for various MiG models. This review covers three different pitot tube sets that differ primarily in their length. They all feature pitot tubes with small vanes near the tip to measure angle of attack and yaw. The fronts of the pitots, where the vanes mount, are all similar.

My initial reaction to these three sets is, "HOW CAN THEY DO THIS!?!" Each set includes three parts: the rear part of the pitot where it connects to the fuselage, the front part of the pitot which contains the pressure sensors and the four vanes, and, finally, a small PE fret containing the vanes. Note - six vanes are contained on the fret in case one or two are lost. I think that I can lose some of these parts under my fingernail. When I first saw the sets, I assumed that the modeler had to glue the vanes to the front of the pitot by figuring approximately where they belong. After putting on my Optivisor, I noted that there were small indentations in the front part of the pitot to locate the vanes accurately!!! Here are descriptions of the three sets.

  • Set AM-72-044. The packaging of this set lists its application to the MiG-21 bis (Fishbed L/N). While this covers lots of aircraft, in my opinion, this set can be used for almost all of the third- and fourth-generation MiGs, including the MF. It will probably be the best seller. I am attaching a scan of the instructions of this set, along with a close-up scan of the parts. I have also attached a photo showing the two tube parts compared to the kit pitot of a Fujimi MiG-21 MF from my collection. This is an impressive improvement.
  • Set AM-72-045. The packaging of this set lists application to the MiG-21 F-13 (Fishbed C). Generally, most MiG models with the pitot located beneath the nose can use this set.
  • Set AM-72-047. This set is designed for the MiG-21 U, US and UM models. Generally, all training aircraft utilize this shorter pitot.

These parts are highly recommended and will greatly improve the appearance of any of the MiG-21 models listed above. The level of detail for the price is impressive. I have not yet started to glue any of the vanes to the front of the pitot but I expect this not to be too hard as long as the modeler is careful.

I would like to thank Master Model for supplying the samples and IPMS for assigning this review to me.

  • 72-044 package
    72-044 package
  • 72-044 instructions
    72-044 instructions
  • 72-044 parts
    72-044 parts
  • 72-044 comparison
    72-044 comparison
  • 72-045 package
    72-045 package
  • 72-047 package
    72-047 package

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