Mig-23 Flogger Wheel Bay

Published: March 14th, 2011     
Reviewed by: 
Charles Landrum, IPMS# 26328
Scale: 1/32
Company: Aires Hobby Models
Price: $35.50
Product / Stock #: 2133

Now this package is deceiving - it is marked as 1/48 scale. But Aires goofed in the printing of the packaging and these are really 1/32; if you have the Esci kit, you will instantly see the size difference. But no matter and on with the review...

While there is still no state of the art Mig-23 kit in 1/48, we now have the Trumpeter one in 1/32. Typical of the large Trumpeter aircraft, the basics of the wheel wells are there and are accurate, but they lack a lot of the detail that this scale cries out for. In 1/32 scale, the wheel wells are easier to detail, but the wells of the Mig-23 are complex and it will take a lot of effort to replicate the complexity of the space. Aires to the rescue!

Typical of Aires, these parts are well engineered and another miracle of molding. The main wheels and nose well are each a drop-in single piece, that require only a little trimming of the kit plastic to fit. The castings include all of the appropriate hydraulic lines, brackets and associated pumps and reservoirs. The wiring and associated electrical boxes are equally as nice. I also like the dimpled metal effect found in most Mig aircraft. Aside from these three large parts, the buyer receives the nose gear retraction actuator and the large pad-eyes in the main wells.

Overall this is a very nice set with lots of detail that will go a long way to dressing up your Flogger. I highly recommend this set. I appreciate Aires Hobby Models and IPMS/USA for this kit set for reviewing.

  • Parts in kit set
    Parts in kit set
  • Main gear wells
    Main gear wells
  • Nose gear well castings
    Nose gear well castings

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