Mig 23 Intake and Missile rails

Published: April 28th, 2011     
Reviewed by: Rod Lees - IPMS# 10821
Scale: 1/32
Company: Zactomodels
Price: $0.00
Product / Stock #: See author's text
Product provided by: Zactomodels

This build was a perfect storm; From IPMS I received the Mig 23 review items for Zactomodels Mig 23 pylon set, and the seriously improved Intake ramp. I contacted Chris of ZACTOMODEL fame to order missile rails and Aphids; and he sent them on for review. Let's say it up front: THANKS CHRIS (aka "Zactoman",) for the cool modeling support items, and providing us these for review. We at IPMS USA appreciate the serious, undying support of distributors like you!

First order of business once I learned of my fate in doing aftermarket for a kit I wanted but did not have: I had to buy a Trumpeter Mig 23M. OW! (But it was worth it)

Editor's note: No product packaging images were provided.

  • Item # Z32033 APU-60-1 Launch Rails $10.00 + S&H
  • Item # Z32031 Mig 23 Pylon Set: $30.00 + S&H
  • Item # Z32032 Mig 23 Intake Splitter plate: $25.00 + S&H

I started this review with Zactoman's Intake parts; this is an intricate effort. First up: The intake flow director vanes; these are simply installed in place on the outer duct lip per his simple directions, and look a lot better than the kit parts.

Flow director vanes

Next is the fun bit: The splitter plate. On the backside are miniscule mounting plates that need to be matched to the fuselage. Fear not, and follow Zactoman's instructions, and you shall have no problem in installing them. A paper template is included which makes the whole thing a lot easier. They add visual substance to the missing plates on the kit item; and the outer face is far better detailed than the Photoetch and plastic combo part in the kit.

Splitter plate and intake installed

Splitter plate

In the end, after a bit of delicate installation of the stand-off brackets, the effect is much better than the clunky kit items.

Yep, I did accidently clear off two lower ones on the port side. Ham-hands again...

On to more of Chris' excellence... The Pylons and AA-6 "Aphids"! These little gems are far better detailed than the kit items: The pylons fit the kit mounting holes PERFECTLY. The pictures should suffice, as these are one-piece affairs with just a little bit of cleanup required from the pour stubs... use a bit of thin CA and they are attached!

FInished model

Missile rail

As to the AA-6 "Aphid" missiles, I cannot rave enough about them! Delicate (Yeah, be REALLY careful cutting the fins out), uber detailed, and a max effort from an aftermarket company! Ditch the kit Aphids, and install Zacto.

Final verdict: Zactomodels are well worth the effort and provide what we need. 10 on all counts for detail, presentation and fit.

Download Original]">AA-6

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