Mk 82 with Airbrake (Early)

Published: May 14th, 2017     
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Damon Blair, IPMS# 49062
Scale: 1/32
Company: Eduard
Price: $11.99
Product / Stock #: 632097

The basic Mk.82 500 pound bomb has been used in numerous applications, ranging from a simple "iron" bomb, up to "smart" bombs. This resin set from Eduard is a version of the Mk. 82 bomb called a "snake eye" that used fins that opened like petals to slow the speed of the bomb dramatically.

The kit comes with six basic Mk. 82 bomb shapes (what is known as the bomb core), six inert nosepieces, six fuse nosepieces, and six extended nosepieces, also known as "daisy cutters". Another option is to not use any fuse nose, representing a bomb that has yet to be fused.

There are 30 resin parts to make up these well-detailed bombs. After gluing together the body and the fins (parts R8 and R10), you select which fuse to use on the bombs (if any). I chose to use the extended fuse (parts R3) as it gives a unique look to the bomb.

If you choose to use the inert bomb "fuse" (parts R7) be aware that the painting instructions for that variant is inaccurate - U.S. training bombs are painted blue to distinguish the fact that no explosives are inside them. Later Mk 82 bombs may also be painted olive drab, but with a blue band (or bands) around them to denote that they are inert bombs as well.

Decals went on smoothly - the only problem that I ran into was decal numbers 4 and 5 (yellow stripes on the nose of the bomb). These decals were just a bit short, and left a small gap on the bottom of the bomb. I would recommend airbrushing these yellow stripes on if possible.

This is a great set for an accurate bomb load on a U.S. Military aircraft, and I highly recommend this resin set, especially for Vietnam - era American aircraft.

Thanks to Eduard for supplying this review sample.

  • Bomb shape
    Bomb shape
  • Decal sheet
    Decal sheet
  • Finished bombs
    Finished bombs
  • Finished bombs mounted
    Finished bombs mounted
  • Bomb fins
    Bomb fins
  • Bomb fins
    Bomb fins
  • Fuses
  • Fuses