Model Art Modeling Magazine, #43, Seventieth Anniversary of Pearl Harbor

Published: April 18th, 2012     
Reviewed by: Michael Scott - IPMS# 43177
Company: Model Art
Other Publication Information: Softcover, Japanese text, period photos, kit reviews, 1/700 line drawings
Price: $20.00
Product / Stock #: No. 43
Product provided by: Model Art

This large format publication on fine, heavy paper is almost entirely written in Japanese. It contains articles on ships present at Pearl Harbor on December 7, 1941, both Japanese and American, but primarily American battleships. The articles, which I am unable to read, focus on models of these ships, both in plastic and in resin.

Even so, the photographs of the finished models, along with many photographs of the model builds in progress, are fascinating and I found that I really did not need to understand the text to get inspiration and information from this publication.

The lead article, as you might suppose, is on the USS Arizona, BB-39. From the photograph of the box, it appears this is the 1:200 Scale Trumpeter kit, supplemented by a Trumpeter upgrade PE set. This kit may, in fact, be the one that is presently on display at the USS Arizona Memorial in Pearl. It is an impressive model. One interesting fact, new to me, is that the Arizona is pictured with the two forward main battery turrets having been painted hull red on their tops, and the fire control stations atop each of the two masts were painted white. The period photographs show all the battleships with white upper structures, something that has previously escaped my notice.

The rest of the magazine features American battleships represented by both resin and injected kits. The build articles are brief, but populated with plenty of high quality photographs of the various techniques and detail parts assemblies making up these models. There is a very nice section devoted to 1:700 line drawings of the battleships, followed by a historical article dealing with the raid itself. One photograph shows, I think, the exact moment when a torpedo strikes the USS West Virginia, BB-48. Look closely - you can see torpedo splashes and wakes streaking toward Battleship Row.

This issue also contains brief model-related articles on the cruisers, destroyers - both Japanese and American - and Japanese submarines that played roles in the attack. In addition, there is a piece showing most of the Japanese fleet at the Naval Review of the Imperial Japanese Navy, probably the one held at Kobe in October of 1930. Many interesting and very different ships pictured here, most probably never modeled.

I enjoyed this magazine and, like most Model Art publications, it is rife with great photographs, modeling tips and historical references, even though I can only read about twenty words. If you are into Pearl Harbor and the Pacific War ships, this is a good one to have. Recommended.

Thanks to IPMS/USA and ModelArt Japan for the review opportunity.

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