Model Art Modeling Magazine, #832, November 2011

Published: November 11th, 2011     
Reviewed by: Luke R. Bucci PhD - IPMS# 33549
Company: Model Art
Other Publication Information: 164 pages, model reviews, camo schemes, new kit releases, Japanese text
Price: $15.00
Product / Stock #: 832
Product provided by: Dragon Models USA

ModelArt No. 832 monthly update has the usual features of new product kits, as well as a feature topic. This month, the topic is aluminum metallizing finishes. Pages 5-49 show a list of four entire pages of different paints with a picture of its bottle and a painted plastic spoon so you can see how it looks - a thorough encyclopedia of available aluminum metallic paints. Examples of how to use the paints to build real kits are detailed for 1/32 scale P51D, Tojo, and Tony fighter aircraft. Other examples include more fighter aircraft, a B26an airliner, a Formula One racing car, several luxury sedans, and even tank treads. The text is in Japanese, but the numerous photographs help decipher what is being done. At least this section gives some advanced modeling tips for aluminum finishes.

The usual features follow: 1) Waterline No. 399 is 1939 version of the first IJN carrier Hosho in 1939 fit; 2) 18 pages of ads and new kit release notices; and 3) Modeling JASDF showing aggressor camo schemes for F-15s. New kit reviews are: 1) FineMolds 1/350 IJN Shikinami destroyer in early war fit; 2) Tamiya's 1/35 German BT-42 Assault Gun howitzer; 3) Dragon's 1/35 Japanese Type 2 (Ka-Mi) Amphibious tank; 4) Simil "R" 1/24 Ford Focus RS WRC 2010 racing car; 5) Aoshima 1/350 H-IIB Launch Vehicle spacecraft; and 6) Zoukei-Mura 1/32 Douglas A-1H Skyraider with accompanying featurette of history and markings. Kit reviews in this section mostly show off a finished model, but sometimes have photos of tricky assembly or modifications needed. The Historic Garage car feature displays a 1980s Honda Cabriolet. As usual, the rest of the magazine is chock full of ads, new releases and Japanese news items.

As always, the format is close to 7x10 inches in size, and the printing and reproduction quality are excellent. Model Art text is entirely in the Japanese language, and most feature photos are in color. This issue is recommended if you want to build any of the IJN Takao class heavy cruisers, and want to keep up on new modeling releases from Japan. This issue is ship-heavy but still has enough other topics to satisfy general interests.

Thanks to Dragon Models USA for the review copy and to IPMS for the opportunity to review it.

  • Metallic paint comparison
    Metallic paint comparison
  • Tamiya P-51 in aluminum
    Tamiya P-51 in aluminum
  • Tony in aluminum
    Tony in aluminum
  • Formula One racer
    Formula One racer
  • Amphibious tank
    Amphibious tank
  • A-1H Skyraider
    A-1H Skyraider

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