Model Art Modeling Magazine, #850, August 2012

Published: August 3rd, 2012     
Reviewed by: Luke R. Bucci PhD - IPMS# 33549
Company: Model Art
Other Publication Information: 164 (including cover), Japanese text, full color throughout, line drawings, kit reviews
Price: $14.00
Product / Stock #: No. 850
Product provided by: Dragon Models USA

ModelArt No. 850 August 2012 monthly update features Russian Sukhoi jets - Building Model Kits of Sukhoi Su-27, Su-30, Su-35 and Su-37 Flanker. As always, the format is close to 7x10 inches in size, and the printing and reproduction quality are excellent. Model Art text is almost entirely in Japanese language, and most feature photos are in color. The usual sections follow and are listed by their topic:

  1. Cover Feature: Pages 5-51 shows off how-to builds of each type of modern Russian Sukhoi jet fighters/interceptors. First up is Eduard's 1/48 scale SukhoiSu-27P Flanker B. Next is Academy's Su-30MK Flanker-F2 Multirole fighter, followed by a conversion of Trumpeter's 1/72 Chinese J-11B into a Sukhoi Su-35S Super Flanker 4th Generation fighter. Hasegawa's 1/72 Sukhoi Su-27P Flanker B fighter-interceptor looks like a 1/48 scale with its detail. A two-page photo blitz of Su-27 aircraft is next, and then a written history piece "Evolution of World Wide Flankers" for seven pages. Line drawing and B&W photos adorn this section. A full color, five-age section of Sukhoi family fighters shows off actual paint schemes. Hasegawa's Sukhoi Su-33 Flanker D carrier-based air defence fighter build with folded wings is next. Trumpeter's 1/72 scale Sukhoi Su-27UB Flanker two-seat combat trainer is followed by a four-page photographic inventory of Sukhoi jet kits, sprues and all.
  2. Waterline No.408 (pages 52-55): 1/700 IJN Kagero class Pitroad kits (two Kageros and the Shiranui) in early war fit.
  3. Ads (pages 56-63, 68-69, 106-147, 154-161)
  4. Modeling JASDF No.202 / Play Back: ICM 1/72 Mig-25PD with photos of actual aircraft (pages 64-67)
  5. Mini-Feature this month is Tamiya's 1/12 Enzo Ferrari with CG illustrations (pages 70-77)
  6. New Kit Reviews: latest kits built (pages 78-99)
    1. Sword's 1/72 Mitsubishi J2M3 Raiden Type21 (Jack) WW2 Japanese fighter
    2. Revell's 1/48 Lockheed PV-1 Ventura WW2 US Navy patrol bomber with interesting octopus marking
    3. Fujimi's 1/700 IJN Isuzu light cruiser in 1944 refit (with twin DP 127mm main armament)
    4. AFV's 1/35 M42A1 Duster Late Type twin 40mm anti-aircraft tank from the Vietnam war
    5. Pitroad's 1/700 WW2 Japanese Navy escorts Shimushu and Mikura classes, with both early and late war modifications (2 ships per kit)
  7. S. Kitazawa's Neo-Historic 1980's Garage showing a 1/24 Nissan Silva S13 sedan (pages 100-103)
  8. IJA/N Airplane Illustrated No.86 looked like engine mounting brackets to me (pages 104-105)
  9. Reader's Club - a Japanese-language forum for events, information and blogs (pages 148-153)

This issue is recommended if you want to build modern Russian Sukhoi jet fighters. You get quality pictures of quality models with specific tips on building them. Of course, as always, new kits and modeling information are shown to keep one up-to-date, and satisfy armor, auto, plane, ship buffs.


  • Figure 1: Front cover of Model Art 850 August 2012 showing the feature topic: Russian Sukhoi jets.
  • Figure 2: Rear cover of Model Art 850 August 2012 showing the new Shinden II jet attack craft.
  • Figure 3: One of the main feature builds - Suhkoi Su-27P from Hasegawa (1/72 scale).
  • Figure 4: Tamiya's 1/12 Enzo Ferrari car model.
  • Figure 5: Revell's 1/48 scale Lockheed PV-1 Ventura with odd octopus paint scheme.

My thanks to Dragon Models USA for supplying Model Art 850 for review and IPMS for allowing me to review it.

  • Figure 1
    Figure 1
  • Figure 2
    Figure 2
  • Figure 3
    Figure 3
  • Figure 4
    Figure 4
  • Figure 5
    Figure 5

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