Model Art Modeling Magazine, #852, September 2012

Published: September 11th, 2012     
Reviewed by: Mike Van Schoonhoven - IPMS# 41627
Company: Model Art
ISBN #: 4910087330920
Other Publication Information: Softcover, size B5, 160 color pages, Japanese text
Price: $14.75
Product / Stock #: 852
Product provided by: Model Art

The September issue of Model Art Modeling Magazine is just another fine example of this publication. The text may be in Japanese, but the pictures clearly tell the story. All this time, people have told me that all I had to do was get a book that had plenty of pictures and I would be set. Well, I may have found my book!

This issue starts out with an article about the IJN Aircraft Carrier Akagi, and if it had survived to 1944, what she may have looked like. We all know that she met her demise in the Battle of Midway in 1942. The modeler (Yamauchi Takashi) used the Hasegawa 1/350th scale model and converted it. All I can say is -- wow! This model is amazing.

The next article is dealing with 1/700th scale model kits of IJN large aircraft carriers. The carriers shown are the Akagi, Kaga, Syokaku, Zuikaku, Tahio and Shinano. There are thirteen pages that review the different kits of each of these carriers.

Up next is an article about IJN medium aircraft carriers in 1/700th scale. These are the Soryu, Hiryu, Junyo, Hiyo, Unryu, Amagi and Katsuragi. This section contains nine pages covering these kits.

Following the reviews are three build articles on the carriers Kaga, Shinano, and Unryu. These are all 1/700th-scale amazing pieces of work. I am not a ship builder, but I would like to give it whirl after seeing these kits as an inspiration.

This issue contains several new kit reviews. They cover the Airfix 1/48th Westland Lynx Mk.88A/HMA/Mk.90B, Trumpeter 1/35th Soviet IT-1 Missile tank, AFV Club 1/35th Sd.Kfz 232(8-Rad) Early Type, and the Fujimi Kawasaki ZX-10R '11.

Then there is an article on 1/72nd scale dive bombers from World War II. There are two full-color articles about the CyberHobby Aichi Type 99 Val dive bomber and CyberHobby SB2C-4 Helldiver. Following this are a few more American and Japanese dive bombers, but these are in black and white and very short.

You then find an article on a Fine Molds 1/500th scale Aichi prefectural government main shrine. The level of detail on this model is stunning!

The last kit that gets a reviewed is a blast from the past. It is a 1/24th 2000GT Twin Turbo. They even list it as S. Kitazawa's 1980's neo-historic garage.

Finishing out this issue is listings for new releases that should be coming out very soon, if they are not already out. This section covers kits, decals, and aftermarket.

Again, I personally feel that this magazine is a fine publication. As I have said, I may not be able to read the text, but the photographs tell the story.

I would like to thank Model Art for supplying the magazine and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to be able to review it.

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