Model Art No. 2 Mechanical Guide Bf-109E/T

Published: February 8th, 2015     
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Reviewed by: Dick Montgomery - IPMS# 14003
Company: Model Art
Other Publication Information: Japanese Language, Softback, B&W and Full Color Images, Full Color Line Illustrations,160pgs
Price: $20.00
Product / Stock #: 2
Product provided by: Model Art

Model Art has, once again, produced another excellent publication, this particular product covering the Bf-109E/T. Entitled, "Bf-109E/T Mechanical Guide" one immediately sees the potential for detailed information and images regarding the Bf-109 from the viewpoint of a model builder who enjoys highlighting the existing detail to be found in kits, or enhancing those kits with added fiddly bits.

The publication offers a number of features which are as helpful in Japanese (the book is in Japanese) as it would be in English. No translation is required for the detail, color schemes, and markings to be understood and translated into one's own "109" project.

Starting off with profile line drawings, the evolution of the "109" is illustrated with several pages of crisp, clean illustrations highlighting the different shapes and bumps that separated one "Mark" of the "109" from the next.

Following the b&w profile drawings, one moves to eight pages of full color line drawings, showing some basic camo schemes and various markings that were found on the "E". Of note are the color "call outs" provided on these full color drawing showing the colors using RLM numbers!

The book then takes the reader inside the cockpit with a series of full color drawings. These drawings show the instrument panel (of course) and also the left and right sides of the cockpit.

The color drawings of the interior give way to full color images of the "equipment of the 109E". These images show various pieces of gear such as the gun sight, an oxygen blue (an interesting blue color), the fuse selector panel, various mass balances and a series of "close-ups" of the pitot tube. And, as one would hope, there are a number of full color images featuring the instrument panel.

The next section of the book will bring back some pleasant memories for those who have had the opportunity to visit the RAF Museum at Hendon. Full Color images of the "109"'s on display at Hendon cover the next 15 pages. It is always helpful for a modeler to have images in which panels, hatches, seams, and camo patterns are shown in great detail.

Clearly, its time to get on with building the kit of your choice, Model Art provides some "in progress" images for some excellent modelers who are doing just that. Covering a range of scales and manufacturers, several "in progress" reports are included and illustrated with some excellent images that will prove useful to you as you get into your own project.

Following by a "What's out there" listings of the kits that are currently available, the publication then provides some excellent images, mostly b&w and line drawings, of details that the builder will find very useful.

This book is highly recommended. It will make an excellent addition to one's library, providing excellent images, detailed drawings and illustrations, and much detail for those who wish to enhance what they find inside the box of their "109". Thanks to Model Art for providing a copy for review by IPMS/USA.

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