Multi-Shape Punch Set and Accessory Packs

Published: September 12th, 2015     
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Product Package
Reviewed by: John Noack - IPMS# 23017
Scale: N/A
Company: UMM-USA
Price: $29.99
Product / Stock #: UMM-10 (Punch Set),
Product provided by: UMM-USA

At this year's National Convention in Columbus, master modeler John Vojtech provided us with a number of new product samples from his company UMM-USA. UMM, Unique Master Models, lives up to its name by offering an extensive variety of tools, aftermarket detailing supplies, decal sets and the like. (Be sure to peruse John's National Award winning models when you enter the site) .

The Multi-Shape Punch Set is a unique approach to manufacturing small detail shapes with multiple modeling applications. The set comes with a beautifully machined, truncated cone aluminum base that incorporates a soft rubber pad used as the striking surface. Several brass punches (one each of square, round and hexagonal cross section) and a sample sheet of soft, 3mm thick aluminum. At the time this review is being written, John is offering the Punch Set for $20.95, a substantial discount from the $29.99 list price - but I don't know how long this pricing will last).

The tool couldn't be any easier to use. Place the aluminum on the rubber surface, select a punch size and shape, and tap with a small hammer. John recommends the use of aluminum, but I am sure that other soft ductile metals can also be punched (e.g., a wine bottle seal). I tried some very thin plastic sheet with mixed results - there was some distortion of the punched shape. Traditional hollow punches are probably best for these materials.

As John points out on the website, shapes and sizes are limited only by your imagination. Rivet heads, bolt heads, instrument panel details, inspection panels and the like can be easily created. He even suggests the use of a Philips head screwdriver to create small, fold-up boxes!

The accessory packs offer a wide range of shapes, ranging from 1.4mm to 2.4mm in size.

The accessory packs are UMM-17 through UMM-19 (Accessory Punch Sets, Hex, Round, Square), and sell for $5.75 each.

This is a great product for the armor modeler, and certainly has application to other genres as well. I wish I'd had this tool when I scratch-built my USS Alligator Civil War submarine a few years ago; punching out uniform circular rivet shapes would have been a lot easier than applying small dots of white glue!

Highly Recommended. Thanks go to IPMS/USA member John Vojtech for the review samples!

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