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Published: August 23rd, 2017     
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Dave Morrissette, IPMS# 33653
Scale: 1/32
Company: Eduard
Price: $19.95
Product / Stock #: 632102

The MER (Multiple Ejector Rack) is a weapons unit which attaches to an aircraft pylon and can hold up to six individual weapons such cluster bombs or standard dumb bombs. The US Air Force stopped using these in the early 1990's but many pictures can be found with these attached to B-52's, F-4's, A-4's, F-105's, etc. In other words, they were used frequently. Many model kits have a simplified version of this but Eduard has upped the game with this release in 1/32nd scale.

Eduard set comes with three complete MER's and a total of 78 cast resin parts in their usual gray resin. There is also some wire to add for the connections also and a full set of markings to go with each one.

Construction starts with a little clean-up and a choice. First, the main spar needs removing from its casting block along with the two bottom attachments, part R14. These are very simple and ready to go in a couple minutes. The bottom racks are attached making sure they are in the proper location- simply put, they should match the molded in ones. And here is where the choice begins. On the side are four caps or four brackets. Looking through references, I couldn't figure out what they are but there are lots of pictures of both so this is a good place to mention that consulting a reference would be a good idea.

Next step is to clean up the twelve needed sway braces and the attachment lugs. Take your time and get these parts clean and they will make life easier late. The sway braces have a longer molded in center cast pin. These can be completely removed or left to help attach whatever you chose to load them up with and make a more secure attachment. Next, all the cleaned parts can be glued in place. Make sure of the alignment of the sway braces as they get askew easily.

To finish it off, the enclosed wire will need cut and attached. I found it simple to drill a hole into the main body where the wire attached and then to run the cut length to the cylinder on each part. The instructions are great and show length to cut and where to attach. Lastly, the PE part for the back of the unit is glued into place.

Onto the painting and decaling. I primed the piece with Alclad gray and let dry. Instructions pretty much call for an overall white unit all the way around. Looking at pictures, this is primarily true but several show the sway braces in natural metal and the wires in black. There are other variations too so if you can find the shot you need for your specific plane, that's the best reference. I painted mine a gloss white using Tamiya and then natural metal for the sway braces with Citadel Bolt Gun metal and the wires black. Once done, I added the decals. Take your time with these. They release quickly and want to fold over due to being very thin. Once on, they settled well and there are twelve decals per unit. Lastly, I added a black wash for that used look and wipe away and finished with a flat coat.

Comparing these to some already built kits, these are hands down miles better than kit parts and need to be included in any build you have needing an MER. The markings, casting, and details are phenomenal. Most highly recommended.

My thanks to IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review the set and to Eduard for making these available to modelers everywhere.

  • Assembled preview
    Assembled preview
  • Bottom racks
    Bottom racks
  • Box contents
    Box contents
  • Finished MER
    Finished MER
  • Finished MER closeup
    Finished MER closeup
  • Finished MER closeup
    Finished MER closeup
  • Finished MER
    Finished MER
  • Many sway braces
    Many sway braces
  • Pieces and parts in set
    Pieces and parts in set
  • Resin detail
    Resin detail
  • Instructions
  • Instructions
  • Instructions

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Eduard MER is too short, lacks detail

I bought these for my 1/32 Trumpeter Intruder on the basis of this review, and comparing to the Trumpeter and Tamiya kit MERs, its too short by about 5-6mm - you can't out of the box load two Mk 82s or other ordnance back to back because of this very glaring fault.

Also they were slightly warped, the top rail is undersize with too small holes, with the lower ejector racks failing to capture the bracket detail and the arming wires which needed to be added.

Further, there is no decal placement guide, and the small fret of PE has no notations for where it goes (I'm assuming the end of the MER as the switch plate)

For the price, these glaring faults - which should have been picked up in the review - override the extra detail and fixable faults over the Trumpeter and Tamiya kit versions (i.e add some holes and bolt detail), so I would not recommend.

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