Nord AS-30 Missile

Published: April 5th, 2016     
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Product packaging
Reviewed by: Clarence Wentzel - IPMS# 1096
Scale: 1/72
Company: PJ Production
Price: $4.32
Product / Stock #: 721218
Product provided by: PJ Production


The Nord AS-30 is an air-to-ground missile. This two stage rocket propelled missile entered production in 1973. The initial booster section of the rocket motor exhausts on each side of the missile at the rear while the longer running sustainer rocket exhausts at the rear center of the missile. The impact speed is over 1000 mph. The missile carries a 240 kg. warhead of the semi-armor piercing high explosive type. Control of the missile is through the pilot using a small joystick to send signals to the missile. This requires the pilot to maintain sight of the missile. A later version of the AS-30 utilizes laser homing guidance for control. I am not sure if there are any visual differences between these variants. This weapon is used by the air forces of over a dozen countries.

The Kit

This kit consists of two parts, the missile and its mounting pylon. The parts come in a simple small envelope, and the instruction sheet is printed on the back side of the label. The missile has a round pouring sprue attached to the rear. This makes it easy to hold the part during painting and is easy to remove when finishing the part. The pylon has a pouring sprue with some flash attached to the top of the pylon. Again, this makes painting easy and is easily removed when the part is finished.

The moldings are very fine and only require minor clean-up. My only problem related to the packaging. The plastic envelope caused some pressure on the larger fins of the missile. This caused them to deform into an "X" shape instead of the required "+" shape. I soaked the part in some very hot water and was able to bend the fins straight.


This is a great little addition to many models. I found some good reference material on this missile on Wikipedia. A big thank you to PJ Production for supplying this unique-looking missile. This item can be purchased directly from PJ Production, and also from Hannants. Well recommended.

  • Instruction sheet
    Instruction sheet
  • Parts
  • Assembled and painted missle attached to pylon next to same-scale aircraft.
    Assembled and painted missle attached to pylon next to same-scale aircraft.

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