P-40B/C Propeller w/tool

Published: August 5th, 2012     
Box Art
Box Art
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Ben Guenther, IPMS# 20101
Scale: 1/72
Company: Quickboost
Price: $8.50
Product / Stock #: QB-72364

Quickboost has been making many types of resin accessories for aircraft for years now, one of which are propellers.  This is a review of their P-40B/C propeller which has been faultlessly cast in their grey resin.  This product provides three props, one spinner and a tool to assemble these pieces.  The spinner has a casting gate on the bottom that was cut off with a razor saw and cleaned up with a file in 5 minutes or less.  The props are even easier, they are removed quite easily and had no seam lines to remove, just a little sanding on the base.  With the Quickboost tool you can paint the spinner and props separately before hand then assemble the parts into a complete propeller.

Now how does the Quickboost spinner/props compare to the Airfix kit parts?   The Airfix spinner is a two piece affair where you glue the 3 bladed kit propeller to the base, then attach the base to the hollow spinner.  This leaves a lot of clean up because of the fit issues with the plastic pieces.  You also do not have the separation line between the upper & lower spinner halves as the Quickboost spinner has.  The Airfix one piece, 3 bladed propeller has molding seam lines all alone each prop that has to be removed.  In addition, the Airfix blades are curved on both sides of each blade, when the backside should be flat.  The Quickboost blades all are flat on the backside.

Quickboost propeller for the Airfix Curtiss Hawk 81-A-2 is easy to use and is an improvement over the kit's parts so I can recommend this set to any modeler to use. 

I want to thank IPMS/USA and Quickboost for the opportunity to review this product.


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