P-40E Warhawk Exhaust

Published: December 26th, 2014     
P-40E Warhawk Exhaust
Reviewed by: 
Roger A Rasor, IPMS# 34117
Scale: 1/32
Company: Quickboost
Price: $8.50
Product / Stock #: 32159

Quickboost has added a highly detailed set of P-40E Warhawk exhaust pipes to their aftermarket parts line that can be used to replace the two-part ones found in Hasegawa's 1:32 scale kits (Note that the pipes are correct for the early P-40Es [and Ds] that had the circular shaped pipes).  The twelve one-piece Quickboost pipes provided in this set allow model builders to avoid the repetitious assembly of the kit's 24 parts, thereby making the whole process of installing exhaust pipes a bit easier and faster (see the comparison photo below of the Quickboost parts and the kit parts that had been pre-painted on the sprues). In addition to the convenience they offer, the Quickboost pipes will add a little higher level of detail.   They capture the look of the prototype very nicely with crisp (and more refined) details that include the raised weld beads that easily can be lost when assembling and cleaning up the kit parts. 

Quickboost's parts are cast in their familiar gray resin.  Everything comes on a small casting block.  Parts can easily be separated from the casting block with a razor saw or Xacto blade.  There is no flash in the open areas between parts so cleanup is a non-issue. However, because the material is resin, it is necessary to use superglue (CA) or epoxy cement to attach the aftermarket parts to the kit's styrene plastic fuselage sides.

This set is highly recommended as a quick and easy way for a modeler to enhance the detail of any Hasegawa 1:32 scale P-40E (and, with some adjustment, the long-in-the-tooth RevellP-40E kit).

My thanks to IPMS/USA and Quickboost for the review sample and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to review this detail part set.

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