Peckuwe 1780 - The Revolutionary War on the Ohio River Frontier

Published: December 20th, 2018     
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Author: John F. Winkler and illustrated by Peter Dennis
Reviewed by: Dick Montgomery - IPMS# 14003
ISBN #: 978-1-4728-2523-0978-1-4728-2884-2
Other Publication Information: Soft Back, 96 pages with b/w & full color images and illustrations.
Price: $24.00
Product / Stock #: CAM 327

This publication can be purchased in one of three formats. The paperback edition (9781472828842) retails at $24.00. Both the eBook (ePub) (9781472828859) and eBook (PDF) (9781472828866) can be purchased for $19.20.

The author, John F. Winker, has written extensively on the history of Roman, English and American law. He resides in the Columbus, Ohio area and enjoys historical sites in the local area. Peter Dennis is well-known by readers of Osprey publications as his art is included in a large number of Osprey books. Mr. Dennis resides in Nottinghamshire, UK.

Most of those who reside in North America, and, along the eastern seaboard, are familiar with the National and State Parks which contain historical sites made famous in the Revolutionary War. But the complete history of the conflict also includes sites in the Ohio River watershed. This publication focuses on the effort made by the British, combined with various Indian tribes, to push the Americans out of the Ohio River area, while at the same time, British forces attempted to expand their control up and down the eastern coastline.

One of the most significant engagements took place at a site named, "Peckuwe" located near Springfield, Ohio. The spelling of the battle site differs and can also be found as "Piqua" or Pekowi, and alternately with two "E"s at the end of the word. The battle that is the main focus of the book took place on August 8, 1780, with most of the action taking place in a span of about 8 hours.

The book covers the movements of the Colonial fighters, as well as that of the Indians who, at the time occupied Peckuwe. The description of the movements is accompanied by some extremely well-done illustrations showing the terrain, vegetation, and likenesses of some of the leading figures on both sides of the conflict. The maps provide a method to easily follow the paths that the combatants used to maneuver to their advantage.

The contents is organized in such a way as to set the stage prior to the fight, describe the strategies and goals of the combatants, and also include a description of the weapons at hand. It seems that the Americans used a 6 lb gun to advantage during the battle, and also used the accuracy of the firearms in their possession to good advantage.

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Strategic Situation
  3. Chronology
  4. Commanders
  5. Armies
  6. Plans
  7. Order of Battle
  8. Campaign and Battle
  9. The End of the Revolutionary War
  10. Aftermath
  11. The Battlefield Today
  12. Bibliography

This publication is included in Osprey's "Campaign" series and is numbered, in that series, as "327". Peckuwe 1780 is highly recommended due to its use of records and writings from the time period, excellent organization of the content, and the outstanding illustrations that give extra "life" to the book. Thanks to Osprey for providing this publication for review by IPMS/USA.

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