Pheasant 17/25 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun Crew Set

Published: November 24th, 2012     
Box Art
Box Art
Reviewed by: Tim Wilding - IPMS# 47420
Scale: 1/35
Company: Bronco Models
Price: $20.00
Product / Stock #: 35135
Product provided by: Dragon Models USA

This five-man crew is designed for Bronco's British 17/25 Pounder Anti-Tank Gun "Pheasant", #CB35071. They are dressed for the Tunisia, Sicily, or Italy Campaign. Each crewman is molded on his own sprue, lettered A to E. These sprues are attached to a central sprue rod, so it looks like they could be mixed and matched later with other figures or weapons sprues. We get a loader, ammo handler, seated gunner, an officer pointing, and a guy standing with his hands on his hips. The instructions are on the back of the box, along with paint references for four different brands.

The molding is flash-free and has very nice undercutting details on the pockets and collars. The heads are molded sideways on the sprue, in one piece. The seams run around the heads on the helmet chin straps, which make then a little too thick. But it sure makes for easier cleanup and painting. I left the heads attached to the sprues and used it as a handle while painting.

The officer has an option of a hat or a helmet, so this is the only extra part. His fingers are finely details. His facial expression is great for a plastic kit. He is yelling with a wide open mouth, something usually seen only in resin heads.

Three of the figures are wearing shorts and long socks. The officer has long pants, as does the guy with his hands on his hips. I am not sure what he is supposed to be doing, maybe waiting for tea time. But I liked his assembly the best, and he also has finely detailed hands.

The ammo handler's arms did not fit the body very well. I had to do some cutting back on the arms and fill the seams. He also had a nasty molding bubble on his nose, as did the gunner's nose. I usually see these in resin heads.

I painted these with Vallejo Khaki, washed with AK Interactive wash for dark yellow, and drybrushed with Vallejo deck tan.

I would like to thank Dragon Models USA for this sample kit and IPMS/USA for the opportunity to build these little lads.

  • Sprues
  • Figure breakdown
    Figure breakdown
  • Sideways head
    Sideways head
  • Seated gunner
    Seated gunner
  • Standing figure front
    Standing figure front
  • Standing figure side
    Standing figure side
  • Loader
  • Ammo handler empty
    Ammo handler empty
  • Ammo handler full
    Ammo handler full
  • Officer 1
    Officer 1
  • Officer 2
    Officer 2

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