Polish Wings 14: Mi-14, 1981-2011

Published: November 13th, 2011     
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Author: Mariusz Kalinowski
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Dave Koukol, IPMS# 46287
Company: Stratus
ISBN #: 978-83-61421-30-6
Other Publication Information: 96 pages, 413 color photographs and illustrations
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Product / Stock #: Polish Wings 14

Conceived and born of a Soviet requirement for a dedicated anti-submarine warfare (ASW) helicopter in the mid-1960’s, the Mi-14 was patterned after the American S-3 Sea King helicopter and leveraged components from existing Soviet equipment, such as the Mi-8, to expedite development and delivery into service.  In 1976, the Mi-14 entered service with the Soviet Navy.  Three variants of the Mi-14 covered a range of missions, including ASW, Search and Rescue, and minesweeping.  As with other Soviet aircraft designs, the Mi-14 was exported to Warsaw Pact and other allies, finding its way into Polish service in 1981.

Mr. Kalinowski’s account of the Polish Mi-14’s is a feast for the modeler’s eyes, packing over 400 color photographs and descriptive captions into 96 pages.  Special attention is given in each photo to call out specific details of colors, markings, or configuration – a true goldmine for modelers!  All 3 Polish Mi-14 variants are addressed in significant depth and breadth of operational configurations and markings spann