PV-1 Ventura Engine Cowlings

Published: September 2nd, 2013     
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Parts Package
Reviewed by: Rob Booth - IPMS# 37548
Scale: 1/72
Company: Plusmodel
Price: $14.50
Product / Stock #: AL7005
Product provided by: Plusmodel

Plusmodel was established in 1990 in the Czech Republic. Their product range is primarily made up of 1/35th scale resin kits, conversion sets, and accessories which are vacuum cast from polyurethane resin. Their products may be purchased on line through https://www.modelchoice.net .

A new addition to their line is a set of replacement cowlings for the Academy 1/72 PV-1 Ventura kit. The resin cowlings are a two-piece, cut and glue in-place replacement of the kit's plastic parts. The supplied items include a two-piece main cowling and engine nacelle, and tiny intake covers for each.

A side-by-side evaluation (see photos) indicates a cut-and-fit replacement that provides a much more realistic assembly, including opened cowl flaps. My set arrived via US mail during a hot Texas summer day, and the cowlings were somewhat warped, likely due to the heat build-up in the mailbox. I fired off a quick email to Plusmodel, and Petr replied within 24 hours that hot water and some gentle pressure would probably coax them back into shape. In case that didn't do the trick, a new set would be in the post that afternoon. It arrived a little over a week later.

The kit's engine face is assembled and painted as per kit instructions. The pictorial Plusmodel instructions indicate removal of the forward section of the wing-mounted engine nacelles. Look carefully for the correct panel line on the nacelle to use as a guide. The cut will be nearly flush with the inboard nacelle/wing leading edge fairing. I used a razor saw and left a little room to sand down to the panel line, which worked well.

A hot tap water bath and some coaxing with a plastic clamp did the trick to put the cowlings back into the correct shape, and I proceeded with the rest of the assembly. The instructions would suggest that you then install the engine in the aft area of the nacelle extension where it attaches to the kit wing. This is incorrect; note photo "INSTRUCTIONS 2" below. The engine rear mounting wall will need to be carefully trimmed to fit within the cowling portion of the replacement parts, with the prop receiver hole extending just past the face of the front cowling opening. Once fitted properly, set with CA glue.

After installation of the engine, the cowling and nacelle extension are joined together, again with CA glue. Use care here as the opened cowling flaps are very thin and delicate, as would be appropriate for this scale. I broke off a couple of mine by manhandling things. Once the two parts are set, the rear of the nacelle can be attached to the face of the kit's wing-mounted nacelle. Test fitting is important here to get the angle and flush fit correct. My examples (perhaps from the warping issues) were still ever so slightly out of round, and did not provide a perfect match to the kit nacelle. They required a little filler and sanding to make a proper fit. It should be a flush fit all the way around the nacelle, and exactly on the panel line. Set, using your CA glue once again. Glue the tiny vent and intake covers in place, and take care of any necessary joint clean up with some fine sanding sticks. The model can then be completed in the usual manner. I finished mine in natural metal with RCAF Air Armament School markings.

This is an excellent and easily installed replacement set that will enhance the realism of your 1/72 Academy Ventura. Very highly recommended.

Thanks to Plusmodel and the IPMS Reviewer Corps for the opportunity to review this item.

  • Set contents
    Set contents
  • First batch
    First batch
  • Instructions 1
    Instructions 1
  • Instructions 2
    Instructions 2
  • Comparison with kit parts 1
    Comparison with kit parts 1
  • Comparison with kit parts 2
    Comparison with kit parts 2
  • Completed kit with Plusmodel cowlings 1
    Completed kit with Plusmodel cowlings 1
  • Completed kit with Plusmodel cowlings 2
    Completed kit with Plusmodel cowlings 2
  • Completed kit with Plusmodel cowlings 3
    Completed kit with Plusmodel cowlings 3

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