RCAF Beaufighter Decals

Published: February 27th, 2012     
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Michael Novosad, IPMS# 36721
Scale: 1/48
Company: Aviaeology
Price: $13.99
Product / Stock #: AOD48002M


The decals are silk screen printed, waterslide, and look stunning. Depth of colors, registration, and definition appear perfect. The carrier film is minimal and follows the outline of the national markings, letters, and aircraft serial numbers. There should be no need to use the kit decals with this set, as all the markings and stencils and included. There are only enough stencils to finish one model, though.


Eight A4 double-sided pages make up the instructions. The instructions have the true depth of reference material that can be preserved in the modeler's library once the kit is finished and decals applied.

Information contained within the instructions/reference pages include:

  • Coastal Command Beaufighter TF.X schemes, colors and finishes.
  • Allied Expeditionary Air Force Identification stripes [Invasion Stripes].
  • Profile Illustrations.
  • Beaufighter TF.X airframe stencil / data markings.
  • Beaufighter TF.X rocket projectile features and wing Installation.
  • Beaufighter TF.X rocket projectile details and colors.

In addition, the decal set also comes with a 12-step preparation and application guide that should prove to be a valuable reference for experienced and novice modelers.


Many thanks to Skygrid Studios and to IPMS/USA, which once again offered a wonderful opportunity to review a truly outstanding, high quality product.  I highly recommend this decal set for those who wish to build an RCAF Coastal Command Beaufighter; it will be amazing.

  • Package contents
    Package contents