Renault UE Tank

Published: May 4th, 2018     
Product Image
Reviewed by: Allan Murrell - IPMS# 49715
Scale: 1/35
Company: Mirage Hobby
Price: $12.00
Product / Stock #: MIR-355007
Product provided by: Mirage Hobby

This is a new version of the Renault UE Tankette and is the Scout version. This version has two options you can build one which has two machine gun turrets while the other has one machine gun turret and a load carrier at the rear.

The kit contains

  • 3 x sprues molded in grey styrene
  • 1 color guide sheet
  • 1 decal sheet
  • 1 instruction booklet.


Firstly you must know the instructions are in Polish which will be a problem for a novice modeler, but many will have no real trouble with the instructions.

  • Step I builds parts of the left hand and right hand road wheel assemblies, there are a few ejector pin marks that need cleaning up. Also there is an error that shows the A6 part in two locations and in fact the A6 has two different parts so be sure to use the correct parts on the two assemblies. I also found that the part A11 did not contact the part A10 as shown on the instructions.
  • Step II builds the main hull, which will require a little filling due to gaps.
  • Step III adds the road wheel assemblies with no issues to note
  • Step IV assembles hull parts, there are a couple of things to note at this point if like me you choose to build the two turret version you will need to leave of the right side part A25 to be able to attached the side turret correctly. Also the part B31 needs a little bit of reshaping to look better.
  • Step V Assembles the rear stowage area which I did build just to be able to fully review the kit as I will not be using this part. The main issue here is a few ejector pins that need filling and also I notice the assembly need to be done carefully to ensure a correct line up of the sides.
  • Step VI is the assembly of the side and rear turrets. Here I found the parts C11 needs opening out to allow the installation of the Machine gun for both turrets. Also you need to remove two lips on the part C6 to enable the correct build of the rear turret (see picture)
  • Step VII assembles the remaining hull components, please note that the rear track guards parts A13 need to be thinned down to allow them not to touch the tracks when complete. There are several more ejector pin marks to be filled at this stage. You also need to open the holes in the hull a little to allow for the attachment of parts A1. One other thing to note is that the shovel has not visible clamps on it showing how it is held to the hull so I added two clamps..
  • Step VIII A is for the version I choose to add the two Turrets and the decals.
  • Step VIIIB is for the single turret version with stowage area and adding decals

Next is the addition of the tracks which are in several different lengths and singles that need to be assembled as show on the second page of the instructions. I must admit that I did have trouble assembling the tracks and keeping them lined up correct so please be very careful at this stage. Also I did find that to make the front curved part needed 7 not 6 single links.

Then on to painting and decals which was very easy.

Overall I found this kit enjoyable and build into a fun tankette for the collection. I will stress that to build it you do need to be an experienced modeler.

Thanks go to Mirage Hobby for providing this kit to review and IPMS USA for allowing me to review it for them.

  • Markings
  • Decals
  • prues
  • Bogies
  • Hull
  • Hull with Bogies
    Hull with Bogies
  • Hull with Bogies
    Hull with Bogies
  • Part C6 Correction
    Part C6 Correction
  • Turrets
  • Assembly
  • Assembly
  • Assembly with stoage
    Assembly with stoage
  • Assembly with turrets
    Assembly with turrets
  • Assembly
  • Assembly
  • Assembly
  • Assembly
  • Finished
  • Finished
  • Finished
  • Finished

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