Royal Navy Lynx Crew

Published: May 1st, 2014     
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Floyd S. Werner, Jr., IPMS# 26266
Scale: 1/48
Company: PJ Production
Price: $18.75
Product / Stock #: 481125

Packaged in a sturdy cardboard box with the resin pieces protected inside a ziplock bag this offering from PJ Production is perfectly cast in creme colored resin with no defects noted. Three figures, one on each of the three 'sprues', these new figures from PJ Productions will make an attractive addition to the Airfix Sea Lynx kit.

Each figure is on a separate pour block with upper body and head, two arms and the lower half. The door observer has two separate legs. All the poses are as if the aircraft is in flight or ready for takeoff. The pilots are looking off to the side to clear the helicopter. The faces, which to me are essential to a good figure, are all nicely sculpted. The figures look to be of a good scale size.

The aircraft commander, pilot in the right seat, is looking out with his hand on the cyclic (stick). He is the one flying the aircraft. The pilot in the left seat has his hand on a power lever and the checklist in his left hand. The observer is kneeling in the back of the cargo area monitoring the outside of the aircraft. These natural poses are beautifully captured.

The instructions are really just the box top and a full color copy from another angle of the assembled figures. This shouldn't be too big an issue. The figures are broken down into three separate pour stubs so it is obvious which parts goes with which figure. The construction is simple enough with minimal cleanup. While the photos included in the kit are nice an online resource will prove to be a benefit when painting them.

The addition of the figures will add dramatically to your Sea Lynx. The inclusion of all three crewmembers is a nice touch. It is nice to see such high quality figures in 1/48th scale.

Highly recommended

Thanks to PJ Production and IPMS/USA for the review copy. You can obtain your copy by contacting them at their website . While there check out their other figures and detail sets. Let them know you heard about it here.

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