Published: June 29th, 2017     
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Product Picture
Reviewed by: Ben Morton - IPMS# 47301
Scale: 1/48
Company: Plusmodel
Price: $24.00
Product / Stock #: 4051
Product provided by: Plusmodel

Plus Model was established in 1990 in the Czech Republic. Their product range is comprised primarily of 1/35th scale resin kits, conversion sets, and accessories which are vacuum cast from polyurethane plastic. The company also has a line of quality dioramas made from a special hardened gypsum. Additionally, Plus Model sells styrene sheets of varying thickness and a wide range of printed-paper 1/35th scale accessories such as scale posters, road signs, rations boxes, tents, etc..

The subject of this offering is a 1/48th scale Shed. The kit consist of laser cut wooden parts, a small sheet of card stock, and five resin parts. The resin pieces are two Jerry cans, a spoke-wheel, a fifty-five gallon drum, and a toolbox/crate. The detail on all the resin pieces is superb. The laser cut wooden sections comprise the sides, top, and floor of the shed.

Plus Model also provides some 1/16 inch x 1/16 inch balsa wood stringers for the framing of those sections. The 1/16 x1/16 stringers are already sized and cut on a bevel. Just pay careful attention to which goes where and progress will ensue. Included with the kit is a sheet of pre-cut paper that contains three sections that can be used as covering for the roof of the shed, a nice touch.

If you are of an age where you remember building stick and tissue models then you'll have an idea of how construction should go. Assembly is straightforward and rather uncomplicated. I might fault Plus Model for reaching new highs in providing vague assembly instructions. Just pay attention, exercise some patience, and you'll be graced with an accessory/diorama item that will work in any environment. With apologies to the recording artist Taj Mahal, you might move it to a country setting, paint the whole thing blue, and paint some trailin' vines on it.

The laser cut wooden sections(sides, roof, floor) are scribed on one side. This gives you the option of which face to present to the outside world. Construction begins with the floor of the shed. The rear wall is next, followed by the two sides. The roof is the final part.

Be sure and have the box art available to use as a guide during assembly. I found myself referring to it quite frequently to make certain that I was getting the right sized reinforcing pieces in the right place. I should note that some of the wooden pieces were were cut a bit short on my example. I substituted some scrap lumber (balsa) I had in stock for the floor joists. Otherwise everything fit reasonable well. Exercise caution, test fit, and test fit again.

As mentioned earlier, there are three pieces of heavy, brown paper included in the kit. These can be used as either a soft (tar paper) or hard (tin roofing) covering for the shed, depending on how you choose to finish and weather the shed. Note that these paper sections overlap the wooden roof, so some fine tuning may be required. Or you can omit them altogether.

The nicely detailed resin bits supplied with the shed are a barrel, a spoked wagon/cart wheel, two Jerry cans, and a crate. These were easily removed from the pour plugs and painted. The only necessary clean up was with the spokes on the wheel.

The shed is listed as being in 1/48th scale, but depending of your preference or modeling genre, it could will work in any scene you choose from 1/48th up to 1/32nd scale. I wouldn't recommend it for smaller scale dioramas however. Either way, Plus Model Shed should make a nice addition to your next scene, diorama, or vignette.

Thanks to Plus Model for providing this review item.


  • Floor
  • Back Wall
    Back Wall
  • Side Wall
    Side Wall
  • Wooden Roof
    Wooden Roof
  • Floor and Back Wall Assembled
    Floor and Back Wall Assembled
  • Side Wall Added
    Side Wall Added
  • Framing for Roof
    Framing for Roof
  • Roof Installed
    Roof Installed
  • Roofing Material Added
    Roofing Material Added
  • Finished Right Side View
    Finished Right Side View
  • Finished Left Side View
    Finished Left Side View
  • Finished Rear View
    Finished Rear View
  • Resin Parts Added  1
    Resin Parts Added 1
  • Resin Parts Added  2
    Resin Parts Added 2
  • Resin Parts Added  3
    Resin Parts Added 3

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