Sopwith Pup RFC - Part 1

Published: October 11th, 2010     
Box Art
Box Art
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Roger Rasor, IPMS# 34117
Scale: 1/32
Company: Wingnut Wings, Ltd
Price: $59.00
Product / Stock #: 32013

Part I

Wingnut Wings has released two 1/32 scale Sopwith Pup kits, one containing parts and multiple markings for the Royal Navy version and one containing parts and markings for the Royal Flying Corps version.  The subject of this review is the RFC version. 

If you build plastic model airplanes and have not heard of this kit manufacturer before, you must have been spending a year or so under a rock somewhere.  Wingnut Wings is a New Zealand-based company with a passion for World War I subjects in general and aircraft in particular.  This new company made a big splash in the hobby last year when they released their first four World War I kits and created an even bigger wave this year when they released four more.  Everything is 1/32 scale and produced at a level that leaves most other kits in the dust.   The almost overwhelming response to the release of the first kits was a wide-eyed Wow andthe latest kits deserve the same response.

This Sopwith Pup kit, like all of the other Wingnut Wings WW I kits, is far superior to almost anything currently offered by other manufacturers.  To begin with, Wingnut Wings’ kit boxes are, in themselves, spectacular.  But their unique graphics are just a hint of the enjoyable model building experience that is packed inside.  Upon opening the box, the modeler will discover an array of individually packaged sprues of highly detailed and well-engineered parts, a fret of photo-etched parts, an outstanding sheet of decals and a comprehensive, but easy-to-follow instruction book that can only be described as amazing. Anyone who has ever considered but then feared tackling a WW I aircraft kit will find that these kits are just what they have been waiting for.  Wingnut Wings kits truly beg to be built and promise to reward the effort.

To be specific, kit #32013 includes four sprues containing 110 parts molded in gray plastic, one sprue containing nine clear parts, a fret of six p/e parts, and a 24 page full-color instruction book with step-by-step CAD generated construction drawings, full rigging diagrams, multiple detail photos (from an authentic full-size replica) and an array of black & white period photos that will make locating additional reference material totally unnecessary,

The kit includes a large sheet of perfectly registered and crisply printed decals (by Cartograf) that includes complete markings for the following five aircraft:

  • A6156 ‘OS’, Whitehead built, 54 Squadron, Lt. O Stewart, April-May 1917
  • A7327 ‘1’, Standard built, 46 Squadron, Capt. S. H. Pratt, June-July 1917
  • B1777