Static Dischargers for F-16 Fighting Falcon

Published: February 4th, 2016     
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Product packaging
Reviewed by: Scott Hollingshead - IPMS# 34786
Scale: 1/72
Company: Master Model
Price: $6.00
Product / Stock #: AM-72-092
Product provided by: Master Model

For modern aircraft modelers looking to add even more detail to their next 1/72 scale F-16, Master Model has introduced static dischargers that can be installed on the wings and tail, just like the real plane. Modelers often overlook the static dischargers, but these brass items, which are finely machined, will make installation an easy task for most modelers. The directions have you simply scribe a shallow socket to receive the new part, and I would recommend your favorite cyanoacrylate glue to attach the parts.

Static dischargers, or wicks, are used on aircraft to relieve the static buildup that typically takes place when flying through rain, snow, ice, or dust. The high resistance of the discharger provides a relief path that does not interfere with onboard communications or navigation equipment. Without dischargers, the relief of energy can be through any protruding surface of the plane, such as wing tips, vertical and horizontal stabilizers, and antennas.

My hits are that once again, the folks at Master Model have released some very finely detailed parts, in this case for the 1/72 scale F-16 modeler. The steps in the discharger are visible, but may require some magnification for aging modelers (like myself). I also appreciate that two extra static dischargers are included in the set.

I have no valid miss for this release itself. My one improvement suggestion would be to add a photo or drawing showing the location positions of the dischargers on the plane.

Overall, I would highly recommend this detail set to anyone wanting to improve his or her next 1/72 scale F-16, as the dischargers can be used on any kit. The directions describe using your favorite scribing tool to create a socket for installing the dischargers, and a photo at the bottom of the page shows dischargers installed on a real plane. Although these small items require some fine tweezers to handle, attaching these static dischargers should not be a challenge to most modelers with some experience using brass parts.

I would like to thank the folks at Master Model for providing this set to the IPMS-USA for review, to Dave Morrissette, who runs the review corps, for selecting me to assess this detail set, and to you for taking the time to read my comments.

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