Su-25K Frogfoot Cockpit Ladder

Published: March 2nd, 2017     
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Floyd S. Werner, Jr., IPMS# 26266
Scale: 1/48
Company: Quickboost
Price: $4.75
Product / Stock #: QB 48 724

If you want to mount your Frogfoot's boarding ladder in the down position you will have a hard time doing that with the kit parts and you'll still have to scratchbuild the area and the ladder. That is until now.

Quickboost provides you with this simple upgrade. Packaged in the typical Quickboost resealable envelope with card stock backing to prevent damage. This set contains four light grey resin pieces. The instructions tell you what you have to remove to add this set. It is relatively easy to do. Removal of the parts from the pour block is easy. It just takes paint to bring out the detail.

This will look great when added to the model. The boarding ladder, when lowered. adds life to your Frogfoot. This is the easiest way to add that little bit of detail at an inexpensive price with minimal effort. I like fast and easy.

Highly recommended

Thanks to Aires and IPMS/USA for the review copy.

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