Su-25K Frogfoot Landing Light

Published: March 6th, 2017     
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Product picture
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Floyd S. Werner, Jr., IPMS# 26266
Scale: 1:48
Company: Quickboost
Price: $4.75
Product / Stock #: QB 48 721

The Su-25 is the Soviet equivalent of the A-10 first utilized in Afghanistan. This mud mover is pretty well represented in 1/48th scale by KP/Smer. As always there are ways to improve what comes in the box.

Quickboost has taken to updating the Frogfoot to a whole different level. This particular set is designed to upgrade the lights. Packaged in a typical Quickboost resealable package with card stock backing has two resin sprues. The first is light grey resin which holds the two reflectors. The second resin part is molded in clear resin. It has the bulbs and two new clear resin lens.

To use the set you simply have to drill out the landing light hole in the wing. Then you paint the reflector, add the bulb, and use the clear resin lens. Done. Simple, easy and effective.

This light set will replace the kit parts which are not very accurate looking. The Quickboost set is very realistic, easy to use, and inexpensive.

Highly recommended.

Thanks to Aires and IPMS/USA for the review copy. You can obtain yours by contacting them at

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