Su-9/11 "Fishpot/Fishpot C" Pitot Tubes and Missile Pylon Heads

Published: December 21st, 2016     
Product Image
Reviewed by: Paul R. Brown - IPMS# 24085
Scale: 1/72
Company: Master Model
Price: $5.60
Product / Stock #: AM 72-104
Product provided by: Master Model

This set provides replacement pitot tubes and missile pylon heads for the Su-9/11 Fishpot/Fishpot C aircraft. The Su-9 was developed in the late 1950's alongside the Su-7. While the Su-7 was developed as a ground attack aircraft, the Su-9 and the later Su-11 were designed and flown as interceptors. Neither the Su-9 nor the Su-11 was exported, so they are not as well-known as the Su-7 or the MiG-21.

The set includes replacements for the nose mounted pitot and the pitot mounted in the leading edge of the left wing. The left wing pitot is a single piece of brass and is easily installed by drilling .6 mm hole in the leading edge of the left wing and inserting the replacement pitot.

The set provides two options for the nose pitot; one is simple needle like pitot, while the second one includes four vanes about 1/4 of the way back on the pitot. The instructions do not specify which option is appropriate for which aircraft, so check your references before you commit to gluing. Both options have two brass parts, which are slightly different as the set with the vanes has a smaller nose section, but a longer attaching spike at the aft end that slides through the resin part into the rear section of the pitot. I would not install the resin piece until you are able to prop or set the aircraft level as the vanes have a right and a wrong orientation. When installed the aft set of vanes should be vertical and the front set should be horizontal.

I have a Kopro Su-9 in my stash and you will note the bright blue plastic in the comparison photos. You will also note how much more refined the Master Model pitot's are in comparison to the kit parts. To install the nose pitot, you will need to cut off the kit pitot and then drill a .4 mm hole in the remainder of the kit part. I am going to hole off doing this step until right before painting to help me keep the pitot pointed in the right direction and to minimize the chance I will break of the new pitot. You will need to use superglue to attach the brass parts to the kit and I recommend using one with a little delay when installing the wing pitot tube and the aft section of the nose pitot to give you time to get the alignment correct before the glue sets up.

As shown in the photographs, the replacement pylon missile rail heads are a vast improvement over the kit parts. Again installation will be fairly simple as all you will need to do is cut off the kit rail heads, drill a .4 mm hole in the front of each pylon and then insert the replacement. The hard part will be making sure the rail heads point in the right direction. Again I recommend using superglue with a little delay in setting up to give you time to ensure the rail heads point in the right direction and are parallel to the ground.

Master Model's craftsmanship on this set is outstanding. The missile rail heads are very finely made and a huge improvement over the kit parts. I like that Master Model provides options for the nose pitot, particularly as the set is for both the Su-9 and the Su-11. Hopefully someone will follow Trumpeter's lead and issue a Su-9 or a Su-11 in 1/72 scale soon.

Highly recommended! Thank you to Master Model for the review sample and to IPMS-USA for letting me review it.

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    Brass Parts
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    Pitot Tube Comparison
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    Nose Pitot Option
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    Missile Rail Detail Comaprison

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