Syrian Sukois Decals

Published: October 20th, 2017     
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Decal Set
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Floyd S. Werner, Jr., IPMS# 26266
Scale: 1:48
Company: Twobobs Aviation Graphics
Price: $14.00
Product / Stock #: 48-255

The Russians design some very interesting aircraft. Two of these aircraft are the Su-34 Fullback and the Su-24 Fencer. The Su-34 is a side-by-side fighter/ground attack aircraft developed from the Su-27. There is nothing small about either one of these aircraft.

TwoBobs has a reputation for representing some very interesting paint schemes and these are no different.

The instructions are printed on two high quality pages with full color drawings on all sides. The first page covers the Su-34s. Full profiles are provided for the two paint schemes and then partial profiles where the changes exist. The backside shows the top and bottom views. This will prove invaluable with the complex paint scheme of the blues.

The second page of instructions focuses on the Su-24. Three color profiles are provided for the subjects with some minor history. The back side shows the two colors on the top and bottom. Paint callouts on both pages is from the Mr. Paint and AKAN lines of paint. No FS numbers are given as they are not known.

The decals are printed on two sheets by Microscale. They are thin, in register and opaque enough to go over the complex Su-34 paint scheme. They will react well with the Microscale decal system. The first sheet contains the major markings including the numbers and Russian stars. The second smaller sheet contains the walkways and various panels printed in silver, white and grey. The vents will be especially useful on the tail of the Su-34. I'm sure I couldn't paint it as good as this looks.

There are markings for SEVEN Su-34s. Two are in the four tone blue paint scheme that is just beautiful. One of these aircraft is from the Conversion Center and the other was used in combat in Syria. They feature red numbers outlined in white and the new Russian stars of red/white/blue and red. The other aircraft are Dark Grey with a Dark Green anti-glare panel in front of the cockpit. There are five aircraft painted in this scheme. The cool thing about these is the inclusion of the mission markers as red stars. There are no stencils included and the kit ones will have to be sourced. I don't mind this approach because it means you get more decal choices per sheet.

The Su-24 Fencers are pretty generic in their paint schemes being white and traffic grey. There are three aircraft included for this airplane. One of those aircraft was one that was shot down over Turkey in November 2015.

Overall this is a great release from TwoBobs. It contains some really colorful and interesting aircraft. Another winner from TwoBobs. Highly recommended

Thanks to Two Bobs Aviation Graphics and IPMS/USA for the review copy. You can obtain yours by contacting them directly at . You can get them at some online retailers and local hobby shops as well.

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