Tornado Pitot

Published: June 11th, 2016     
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Jim Pearsall, IPMS# 2209
Scale: 1/144
Company: Master Model
Price: $2.65
Product / Stock #: AM-144-006

Master Model of Poland has figured out a way to produce very fine brass parts for detailing aircraft. These are wonderful additions to models, particularly the pitot tubes, refueling probes and gun barrels, which seem to get bent or broken depressingly often. Not only that, because of the strength of the brass, the parts can be made smaller diameter than the plastic parts provided in most kits.

This detail set is the pitot tube for the Panavia Tornado, currently in use with the Luftwaffe, the RAF, Italian AF and the Royal Saudi AF. There are 4 kits available in 1/144, Revell, Dragon, Academy and Anigrand. Since I already had the Dragon kit built, that's the one I put the new pitot on.

The instructions for this detail set are VERY good. Preparation consists of removing the kit pitot and making a flat spot on the nose. I used a medium grit sanding stick to make the flat spot.

The flat spot allows the drill to make a clean hole without slipping off the point. Once the hole is drilled, be sure to check the fit of the pitot, as the hole needs to be deep enough.

I attached the new pitot with a crop of thick CA. Once the part was installed and aligned, I used a bit of accelerator. That way I was very sure the part wasn't going to move.

Painting was quite simple. The base of the pitot was painted flat black, the tip silver.

Recommended. This is the part you want if your pitot is bent or broken. Or you may have an attack of AMS and decide that the kit pitot is twice as thick as it should be (which it is). This is a little jewel of a part, and it's very easy to install.

Many thanks to Master Models for providing this product, and to IPMS USA for allowing me to review it.

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