Trainers No More: Trojans at War: T-28B/C/D Trojans in the Vietnam War

Published: October 3rd, 2016     
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Rod Lees, IPMS# 10821
Scale: 1/32
Company: AOA Decals
Price: $20.00
Product / Stock #: 32-015

AoA (Angle of Attack) decals: Initially focusing on Marine Air, AoA now branches out to other services and nationalities, in this case the T-28B/C/D, armed COIN (COunter INsurgency) ground attack aircraft...We sincerely appreciate their sending IPMS/USA their latest releases for review! (...and the usual thanks also to IPMS USA Reviewer corps leadership for providing me them to review)

This sheet Follows AoA's standard of releasing several interesting subjects with ability to model at least two aircraft; in this case, decals for 18 different aircraft are provided. Printed by Microscale, the colors were aligned and spot-on; density was not a problem, and unlike other aftermarket decals, were very flexible. As much as I like a certain other company's products, they sometimes are rather thick and require a firm hand plus solvent to snuggle to detail. Microscale does not have this problem, and the adhesive properties plus flexibility mean they stay in place.

Also included with this release are fully-legible, correct-verbiage Stencils for two separate T-28's, with different width of walkways, etc. AoA's website contains all the instructions plus watermarked full-color marking guides; I have included two representative copies in this review. From the AoA website, the following countries are represented on the sheet.

  • United States - 2 schemes (T-28D-5)
  • South Vietnam - 5 schemes (T-28B & T-28C)
  • Laos - 5 schemes (T-28B, T-28C, T-28D, & T-28D-5)
  • Thailand - 3 schemes (T-28D & T-28D-5)
  • Cambodia - 1 scheme (T-28D)
  • Khmer Republic - 2 schemes (T-28B & T-28D)

Of note, two of the aircraft from Thailand were equipped with "Yankee" ejection seats... complete with warning triangles. You are on your own in sourcing the seats and interior changes for the Kittyhawk kit.

How well did these decals work? Splendid! I chose the tiger-head tail, Vietnam Gull-gray over gloss white Trojan; it had the full-size national insignia, and I was interested in this version because of it being a bit more complex in appearance with the white belly and the colorful Vietnamese insignias.

The decals performed flawlessly, and snuggled into place with MicroSet and MicroSol. Final finish was future gloss by brush to seal the decals onto the model, then two coats of Dullcoat misted on to flat finish the model. On to detail work, removing masking from canopy, etc., and the results are seen in the pictures!

AoA decals are making great strides in addressing the Aircraft of the Southeast Asian/Vietnam War; this set, which also comes in 1/48 scale, is a fantastic decal sheet. Full marks and Personal recommendation to purchase for future use! (I bought a second set out of pocket, it's that comprehensive)

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    Decal details
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    Finished model
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