Triple Ejector Rack (TER)

Published: August 5th, 2017     
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Rod Lees, IPMS# 10821
Scale: 1/32
Company: Eduard
Price: $19.95
Product / Stock #: EDU632103

Extreme appreciation from IPMS USA goes to Eduard for their having once again provided a sample copy of a long-awaited product, the Triple Ejector Rack, and the usual wave of thanks to the IPMS USA leadership for ensuring I received it!

This set contains 50 parts for five TER's; the resin bodies, Sway braces with ejector pins, TER hanging lugs to put them on the aircraft carrying beams, and PE Switch plates to put in the hollow end of the TER itself. To finish, you are also provided with a small decal sheet.

Detail on this set is, as usual, almost incomprehensible. Every rivet, joint, screw and bolt is on the set.

This is not a time consuming addition to your kit; remove the end pour plug from the tail of the mer, gently sand the flash "bubble busters" and attachment point, then drill a 5/64" hole about 1/16 inch into the end of the rack. Remove the PE switch panel from the fret, use any method you can to transfer to part to the interior wall of the hole, previously having placed a drop of CA or white acrylic glue in the switch well which you just drilled. The drawings have you put two switches oriented to the top, one on bottom.

The next step is (for me) to remove the sway braces and bomb attachment/ejector pins gluing them into their sockets with the pins oriented in place. Last, measure and carefully cement the actual rail lugs on top of the TER, making sure you have them in the right place for the aircraft carry beam. The instructions are very specific here, so you should not have a problem.

I begin by spray priming all the parts with Tamiya spray white primer. Once dry, spray overall with gloss Duplicolor white (or black) or similar lacquer paint. Let them dry, then decal. Last step is to manufacture electrical leads from lead or other wire, installing in the electrical base and the actual rack initiators at the back of the bomb racks themselves. Paint these black with silver or steel sockets.

After a coat of flat and or satin finish, you are set to hang weapons on your Big jet!

As stated earlier, a welcome and actually very accurate resin upgrade for those willing to go the extra mile. A big "thank you" again to Eduard for taking care of us minions out in the modelling world!

Another fine score for Eduard; Thanks to them for extending the lead, and again to my bosses in IPMS for trusting me to produce in a timely manner...

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    Under Construction
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    Aft Switch Housing PE in Well
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