Turned Metal Pitot Tube for all Mig 25 except PD/PDM (Foxbat E)

Published: May 13th, 2017     
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Rod Lees, IPMS# 10821
Scale: 1/48
Company: Master Model
Price: $9.50
Product / Stock #: 48-129

The master metalworker of Poland, Piotr, continues to deliver the best pitot and data probes available ... Thanks again for sending IPMS USA another of your line of turned metal Pitot tubes, and thanks also to IPMS USA leadership for sending it on to me to review....

This is, once again, a much improved upgrade to the kit plastic. Consisting of 2 metal part directly replacing the kit pitot probe, and what appears to be a very delicate 3D printed data vane sleeve with all the various blades in micro detail. How does he do it , well, I don't know, ask him. In any event,this is an easy addition to improve the longevity of your kits' appearance... and by the way, the instruction sheet is fantastic as well!

Another simple upgrade, this one... As on the PD/PDS nose, I used Master's item on the Barracudacast Mig 25 improved nose radome for demonstration of fit.... I intend to use the vane-bearing tube on the ICM reconnaissance MIG 25 lurking on the shelf... it needs the vanes, and the PD/PDS didn't.

Mark and drill a .1mm hole in the extreme nose on the radome, about 1/4" deep. This upgrade includes the extreme forward radome tip, and as on the other kit a bit of sanding on the extreme end of the resin radome will result in a close fit after drilling the hole. Use CA glue to install the probe on the mostly-finished airframe in about two to five minutes after you begin; it's that simple. . It looked great and was very strong; a bit of finish paint, and you will not lose the pitot tube to mishandling anytime soon. You may drive it into the unwary hand or face, so be careful of these little needle-sharp critters.

And, as you can see in the side-by side, the ICM probe is shorter, fatter, and looks seriously clunky; it also comes in two parts. Skilled workers will make the kit item work, but not me... Master saves the hassle factor.

The photos tell the story; the master probe fits perfectly into place; this tube and vane set looks great, and will shrug off my attempts to break it. Full "10" Olympic-judging number panel scores for Master details, well done Piotr!!!

  • Instructions
  • Pitot on Sprue
    Pitot on Sprue
  • Pitot with Vanes
    Pitot with Vanes
  • Pitot Installed
    Pitot Installed

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