US Navy Airborne Mark 13 Torpedoes (Early and Improved Types)

Published: May 29th, 2014     
Reviewed by: 
Christopher Martens, IPMS# 48653
Scale: 1/350
Company: Master Model
Company: Master Model
Price: $14.50
Product / Stock #: SM-350-72

Master Model has a knack for making impossibly small upgraded detail "kits" that are assembled from turned-metal parts and photoetch (PE).  Previous highlights included the 1/72 scale six-barreled M61 Vulcan machine gun found in most modern US fighters, and the 1/72 GAU-8 Avenger gun tip, found at the business end of an A-10.

Now, Master has somewhat outdone themselves with two "kit" versions of the aircraft-carried WWII Mark 13 1/350 scale:

  • SM-350-72 - 1/350 USN Airborne torpedoes Mark 13 (22.4in) with trolleys - early type (10 pcs) - $14.50
  • SM-350-73 - 1/350 USN Airborne torpedoes Mark 13 (22.4in) with trolleys - improved type (10 pcs) - $14.50

As you would expect from a "kit," these torpedoes require assembly. Master Model has released both the early and late war aerial torpedoes. Both are well machined. The early torpedo features a simple folded PE set of fins and a two-part PE propeller. The late war improved version is turned with an additional round faring at the front of the torpedo, and also features a similar two-part PE propeller, however, it also requires a more complexly folded PE fin/propeller shroud at the rear.

As a nice bonus, Master also included some torpedo carrying carts that would look fantastic on a 1/350 scale carrier deck. These carts are a one-part folded PE affair.

These torpedoes are certainly an amazing bit of detail. However, due to their small size and the need for some complex PE work, they're not for beginners--or the impatient for that matter.  It appears that Master has provided a couple extras of each PE part on the fret, so one or two lost bits launched into orbit during assembly won't spell disaster.  This is a great, modeler-friendly practice that more PE producers could get in the habit of doing.

All-in-all, this is a great product for those with the skill and eyesight to tackle it. I've never been disappointed with a Master product, and I hope they continue to make these interesting, highly detailed, and "impossibly small" metal upgrade parts in the future.

My thanks to Master Models for the review samples, and to IPMS/USA for the chance to review it.

  • Early Type Torpedo Set Contents
    Early Type Torpedo Set Contents
  • Early Type Torpedo Assembled (On Euro 1-Cent Coin - Approximately US Dime Size-  For Scale)
    Early Type Torpedo Assembled (On Euro 1-Cent Coin - Approximately US Dime Size- For Scale)
  • Improved Type Torpedo Set Contents
    Improved Type Torpedo Set Contents
  • Improved Type Torpedo Assembled (With Match Head For Scale)
    Improved Type Torpedo Assembled (With Match Head For Scale)

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Your 1/350 torpedoes

I was just looking for some 1/350 torpedoes to equipm an SV-22 Osprey I am porposing to the US Navy. We retired the S-3As way too soon and have not had any long range ASW platform for our carrier since.

Now Bell is redy to design an ASW Osprey (amd even more importantly) and AEW Osprey (Ev-22) that would be used on the Wasp LHD class and the America LHA class, especially when they are fitted out with 20+ F-35Bs for "Jeep" carrier duties.

The Japanese will be upgrading their Izumo class carriers to carry 24 F-35Bs and announced earlier this year that they would by 40-60 aircraft for this purpose. Then Korea announced the same for the Dokdos, and then Australia began considering the same for their Canberras. India wants to look at the same for the Vikramaditya and the Vikrant.

All of these countries owuld also be interested in an SV-22 (ASW) and the EV-22 (AEW).

Anyhow, I am bulidng a 1/350 scale Hyuga class ISE, DDH-182 and want to equip a couple of Opsreys and EH-101s with four torpedoes and yours are the only 1/350 scale ones I can find.

Where are they being sold?

Free Time Hobbies?

I am wondering if any of the 3D vendors at Shapeways have any 1/350 torps available, like an MK-50 or the new MK-48 Mod 7. Do you have any plans for more modern torpedoes in 1/350 scale?

Anyhow, I look forward to hearing from you.

Take a look at my youtube channel:


Jeff Head

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