Venturi Tubes

Published: April 30th, 2017     
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Mike Lamm, IPMS# 50139
Scale: 1/72
Company: Croco Models
Price: $4.95

Croco Models is a small model manufacturer from the Republic of Latvia. They've recently begun developing small kits of rare vehicles, and various model building accessories. One of their more recent products is a set of 1/72 scale Venturi tubes. The Venturi tube is used to measure a plane's airspeed, and although most planes now use a Pitot tube for measuring this, Venturi tubes were common on early planes, and are still common on smaller planes in use today.

This accessory kit comes in a small plastic bag with a photo of a close-up shot of the nose of an early Tupolev ANT-40, also known by its service name Tupolev SB, with the Venturi tube prominently featured on the port side. Inside, Croco Models provides a single strip of resin with 15 Venturi tubes in varying sizes. This is a nice feature which allows the modeler to use these for multiple planes, even though most planes probably have 2 or more tubes on them. The tubes themselves are nicely molded but do have a small amount of flash on them, which should clean off easily with the back of a hobby knife.

These accessories would make a fine improvement over most kit parts, especially at 1/72 scale, and I recommend these as an upgrade to anyone building a plane with these parts. Thanks to Croco Models, and IPMS USA for this review product.

  • Venturi tubes on pour stub
    Venturi tubes on pour stub
  • Venturi tubes on pour stub
    Venturi tubes on pour stub