Waist and Tail Gunner Compartment Details for HK B-17

Published: January 14th, 2014     
Product Image
Parts Fret
Reviewed by: Rod Lees - IPMS# 10821
Scale: 1/32
Company: Eduard
Price: $30.00
Product / Stock #: 32 780
Product provided by: Eduard

... MORE on of our long review of Eduard PE parts for the HK B-17 kit... thanks to Eduard for providing us these sets...!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The waist section on this set contains several similar panels and gauges for the crew oxygen and intercom system. Ammunition feed chutes are provided for both waist weapons, as are crosshair gunsights, and an unusual modification in the form of spent ammo casing bags for the waist guns. These, by the way, are supposed to be installed with the CURVED section toward the fuselage sides... I must have been distracted.

The Auxiliary power unit is detailed up with placards, and various bits and pieces. You will have to work to see this on the completed model, unless you open the crew access door on the right side of the aircraft.

Moving on the tail gunner section, more intercom and oxygen boxes to fold and install, along with controls for the gun sight and all that. One thing I realized after I closed up the fuselage was I did not install ANY wiring; I simulated a couple of control cable runs in the upper waist area, but could do better. 1/32 is much more demanding in that you can actually see things... these details are prominent on the actual aircraft, and will matter much more if you build the forthcoming F model with its open radio compartment and waist gun sections...

I spent two hours on the reflective gunsight; this consists of modified kit parts and microfolds on a 1/8 inch wide section of brass. I had lost the Eduard film that comes in this set for the reflective sight glass, and used the thinnest I had on stock. It was still too thick, but looks ok without magnification.

As noted in the other reviews, this set of PE upgrades gets 10 of 10. Thanks again for the review items!

  • Aux Power Unit 2
    Aux Power Unit 2
  • Aux Power Unit 1
    Aux Power Unit 1
  • Left Tail Gunner Sidewall
    Left Tail Gunner Sidewall
  • Right Side Tail Gunner
    Right Side Tail Gunner
  • Right Waist Gunner Position with Shell Capture Bag
    Right Waist Gunner Position with Shell Capture Bag
  • Right Waist Gunner Position with Ammo Chute
    Right Waist Gunner Position with Ammo Chute
  • Tail Gunner Interior
    Tail Gunner Interior
  • Tail Gun Sight
    Tail Gun Sight
  • Waist Section with Turret Magazines
    Waist Section with Turret Magazines

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