Published: December 21st, 2020     
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Author: Dariusz Paduch
Reviewed by: Dick Montgomery - IPMS# 14003
ISBN #: 9788366148918
Other Publication Information: 72 pages, paperback, B & W photos: 103; Color Profiles: 18
Price: $24.95
Product / Stock #: COMBAT Series
Product provided by: Casemate Publishers

About the Series

"The InCombat series is aimed for those who would like to quickly learn about fascinating history of specific vehicle, plane or ship. Every tome consists of most important information about history, versions, and service of one combat machine.

Each book has tens of pages in A4 format and consists of dozens of interesting photos, color illustrations, technical drawings, and maps. In every tome, there is a free gift in the form of masks or decals for modelers."

Table of Contents

  • Full-Scale Production - Page 16
  • YAK-3P Powered by the VK-105PF2 Engine - Page 22
  • YAK-3 Powered by VK-107A Engine - Page 25
  • YAK-3T Powered by VK-105PF2 Engin - Page 29
  • YAK-3K - Page 30
  • YAK-3PD - Page 30
  • YAK-3RD - Page 30
  • YAK-3 Powered by the VK-108 Engine - Page 32
  • YAK-3U Powered by the ASH-82FN Engine - Page 34
  • YAK-3 with Reversible Propeller - Page 35
  • YAK-3 With a Laminar Flow Wing - Page 36
  • YAK-3M - Page 36
  • Combat Operations - Page 53
  • YAK-3 Trainer - Page 77
  • List of Abbreviations - Page 80

This publication features text in Polish, as well as that text translated into English. Captions and illustration descriptions are also translated into English. The modeler will find this publication especially useful due to the extensive photographic coverage of the aircraft. There are few pages that do not feature B&W images of the YAK-3 variants, with many of those images featuring detail of the engine, landing gear and the cockpit. The color profiles provide excellent references for markings and for color schemes. And, as mentioned above, each publication in the "inCombat" series features a gift that modelers will find extremely helpful. In the case of the YAK-3 publication that gift, at least in this book, is a sheet of masks for the canopy and for the tires and rims. Both 1/48th scale and 1/72nd scale masks are provided.

Coverage of the evolution of the YAK-3, as seen by the listing of subjects in the Table of Contents is impressive. As can be seen by that listing, the effort to find a powerplant for the YAK-3 was one of the major goals of the engineers and designers. The text indicates that the configuration of the airframe, and the wings was also modified as the aircraft evolved from the original version of the YAK-3 to the final version. The text is consistent in quality of the content, and, in fact, is a fascinating and easy "read" from start to finish in a single sitting.

This publication is highly recommended due to the thorough and detailed text throughout the book, the superior translation of the Polish text, the wealth of B&W images, the superior quality of the color profiles, the excellent drawing sheets, and a reasonable price. The gift of the masks is much appreciated as well.

Thanks to Casemate/Kagero for providing a copy of "YAK-3" for review by IPMS.

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