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Scale Company Reviewsort icon Reviewed by Category Published
1/48 Master Details Airfix Javelin Pitot Boom Rod Lees Details February 20, 2015
Osprey Publishing Duel 65: Bf 109E/F vs Yak-1/7 Frank Landrus Publications June 26, 2015
1/32 Eduard Exterior PE for Trumpeter A-6A Matt Quiroz Details January 24, 2015
1/144 Scale Aircraft Conversions Hurricane Landing Gear, 2 pieces (Sweet kit) Jim Pearsall Details October 27, 2015
1/32 Scale Aircraft Conversions Kawanishi N1K2-J (George) Landing Gear (Has) Rod Lees Details November 9, 2014
1/144 Master Model Vulcan Refueling Probe Jim Pearsall Details August 29, 2016
1/48 Twobobs Aviation Graphics "Blacksheep/Bulldogs" "Gunship Harriers" Bill Schwarz Decals December 1, 2010
1/32 Iliad Design "Cartoon Aircraft" Decals for Bf-109G Pablo Bauleo Decals August 3, 2015
1/72 Airfix "Dog Fight Doubles" Bristol Beaufighter TF.X and Focke Wulf FW 190 A-8 Ned Ricks Kits March 3, 2016
Windsock Datafiles "Hawa" Vol 1: Centenary Datafile 168 Dick Montgomery Publications August 4, 2015
1/48 Yellow-Wings Decals "Midway Madness" USN & USMC SBD-2 Dauntless #2106 Paul Mahoney Decals September 8, 2016
1/32 Hasegawa "Shidenkai no Maki" Kawanishi N1K2-J Shidenkai (George) Gino Dykstra Kits October 27, 2016
1/48 Afterburner Decals "Viper Zero 21st Hikotai" Decals Andy Renshaw Decals June 26, 2011
1/48 Afterburner Decals "Viper Zero" Detail Set Andy Renshaw Decals June 26, 2011
Figures & Dioramas
Scale Company Reviewsort icon Reviewed by Category Published
Aerobonus Flightline Universal Box (3) Rod Lees Kits July 13, 2014
Moebius Models Mars Attacks Martian Warrior Dave Morrissette, Kits February 26, 2014
1/87 Polar Lights "Psycho" Bates Mansion Scott Hollingshead Kits November 9, 2010
1/35 Master Box "Supplies, at last!", German soldiers, 1944-45 Don Barry Kits August 15, 2011
1/13 Moebius Models "Vampirella" Don Barry Kits April 20, 2011
Scale Company Reviewsort icon Reviewed by Category Published
1/200 Riich Models USS Gato Submarine Jack Kennedy Kits May 6, 2013
1/125 Round 2 Models "Blue Devil" Fletcher-class Destroyer Rod Lees Kits June 29, 2015
1/390 Round 2 Models "Q" Ship Ron Bell Kits April 23, 2014
Still Motions Photographics "Steel Navy", Vintage US Navy Warships: 1860s - 1900s (CD) Rusty White Publications November 28, 2010
Scale Company Reviewsort icon Reviewed by Category Published
Scale Offerings "Goddess of Flight" Display Stand Dick Montgomery Modeling Products September 27, 2011
Eduard "Ovals and Oblong" and "Ovals" Steel Templates Pablo Bauleo Modeling Products August 23, 2014