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1/72 Academy Models USN F/A-18E VFA-143 Pukin Dogs Paul R. Brown Kits August 22, 2017
1/72 Academy Models USN F2H-3 VF-41 "Black Aces" Jon Caldwell Kits August 1, 2017
1/72 Academy Models USN F8-E "The Hunter" Keith Gervasi Kits August 21, 2015
1/144 Minicraft Model Kits USN JM-1 Michael Scott Kits March 16, 2014
Videoaviation USN Missile Cart w/Figures Dave Morrissette Details April 6, 2018
1/32 Videoaviation USN MK83/BLU-110 Bombs Dave Morrissette Details March 12, 2018
1/48 Yellow-Wings Decals USN N2S-3 (Yellow Peril) NAS Corpus Christi & NRAB Dallas Roger Rasor Decals October 3, 2014
1/48 Brengun USN Star Type Tie Down Points Rob Benson Details October 31, 2016
1/72 Brengun USN Tie Down Points (Cross Type) Paul R. Brown Details December 13, 2016
1/32 Yellow-Wings Decals USN Vought OS2U-1/3 Kingfisher USS Arizona, USS Washington James Corley Decals November 28, 2016
1/48 Eduard USN WWII Seatbelts Pablo Bauleo Details August 4, 2015
1/32 Aerobonus USN/USAF 35lb Lubricating Bucket Pump Dave Morrissette Details December 16, 2014
1/48 SuperScale International USN/USMC Phantom II Walkways Decals #1 Dave Morrissette Decals November 14, 2013
1/72, 1/48, 1/32 AOA Decals USN/USMC Tailhook Striping Dave Koukol Decals December 23, 2016
1/520 AMT USS Akron or Macon LTA Aircraft Carrier Doug Cole Kits July 31, 2015
Figures & Dioramas
Scale Company Reviewsort icon Reviewed by Category Published
1/48 PJ Production USN Pilot (50s), Seated in Aircraft Rob Benson Kits April 30, 2019
Scale Company Reviewsort icon Reviewed by Category Published
1/200 Eduard USN Sailors WWII Self Adhesive Scott Hollingshead Details August 21, 2014
1/700 Gold Medal Models USN Super Carrier Decals Charles Landrum Decals January 1, 2009
Squadron Signal Publications USS Alabama, Squadron at Sea Mike Van Schoonhoven Publications October 28, 2013
1/700 Cyber-Hobby USS Albany CG-10 Dave Koukol Kits February 21, 2012
1/200 Master Model USS Arizona (1941) Replacement Gun Barrels Robert Folden Details April 19, 2012
Squadron Signal Publications USS Arizona - Squadron at Sea Dave Koukol Publications November 13, 2011
1/700 Eduard USS Arizona 1941 Robert Folden Details March 2, 2012
Ampersand Publishing USS California BB-44 Rob Benson Publications August 10, 2016
Ampersand Publishing USS California: A Visual History of the Golden State Battleship BB-44 Frank Landrus Publications February 21, 2016