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Mushroom Model Publications Spotlight On: Northrop F-5E & F-5F Tiger II Frank Landrus Publications October 15, 2017
Osprey Publishing Jagdgeschwader 1 'Oesau' Aces 1939-45 Frank Landrus Publications October 21, 2017
Specialty Press 1001 Aviation Facts Dick Montgomery Publications October 26, 2017
Squadron Signal Publications SR-71 Blackbird In Action Frank Landrus Publications October 26, 2017
Guideline Publications Douglas A3D Skywarrior Warpaint Series No. 112 Dick Montgomery Publications November 8, 2017
Crecy Publishing, Ltd. Shady Lady: 1,500 Hours Flying the U-2 Spy Plane Frank Landrus Publications November 9, 2017
Osprey Publishing TSR2 Britain’s Lost Cold War Strike Jet Frank Landrus Publications November 11, 2017
Osprey Publishing B-29 Superfortress Vs Ki-44 "Tojo" Pacific Theater 1944-45 Hub Plott Publications November 17, 2017
Crecy Publishing, Ltd. British Secret Projects 1: Jet Fighters Since 1950 Frank Landrus Publications November 18, 2017
Mushroom Model Publications Mil Mi-24/35 Hind Frank Landrus Publications November 19, 2017
Osprey Publishing Aircraft of the Aces #136 - Allied Jet Killers of World War 2 Eric Christianson Publications November 26, 2017
Guideline Publications Panavia Tornado ADV Warpaint Series No. 113 Dick Montgomery Publications November 27, 2017
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Osprey Publishing Shot Down and on The Run Pablo Bauleo Publications October 24, 2017
Mushroom Model Publications Dunkirk 1940 Through a German Lens Allan Murrell Publications October 31, 2017
Osprey Publishing Railway Guns of WW I Doug Hamilton Publications November 5, 2017
Osprey Publishing Shot Down and in the Drink George Cully Publications November 12, 2017
Osprey Publishing Nashville 1864, From the Tennessee to the Cumberland Jim Pearsall Publications November 16, 2017
Osprey Publishing The 'Broomhandle' Mauser Ben Morton Publications November 26, 2017
AK Interactive Real Colors Acrylic Lacquer Paints Bill O'Malley Modeling Products November 28, 2017
AK Interactive Real Colors of WWII book Bill O'Malley Publications November 28, 2017
Osprey Publishing Stalingrad 1942-42 / German Soldier vs Soviet Soldier Pablo Bauleo Publications November 28, 2017
Figures & Dioramas
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Osprey Publishing Armies of the First Carlist War 1833-39 Dick Montgomery Publications October 30, 2017
Osprey Publishing European Counter-Terrorist Units 1972-2017 Dick Montgomery Publications November 6, 2017
Scalesort icon Company Review Reviewed by Category Published
David Doyle Books USS Iowa [BB-61] Frank Landrus Publications November 8, 2017
Osprey Publishing British Destroyers 1939-1945 Wartime-built Classes Bill Kluge Publications November 26, 2017